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Timber Trails

Map of the Big River Area.

Google Map showing Town of Big River, Saskatchewan.


Committee Members wish to express a sincere thank you to all who have contributed or assisted in any way in compiling this history.

Special thanks is extended to the following:

The Saskatchewan Archives Board in Saskatoon and Regina.

The Upgrading Class of 1978 for the use of,
"The True Gateway To The North".

The Saskatchewan Timber Board in Prince Albert.

Mr. Frank Mitchie,
Mrs Myrtle Telford,
Mrs Rhoda Johnston,
Mrs Margaret Swanson,
Mr Nels Edson,
Mr Miles Isbister,
Mr. and Mrs Leverton.

The Young Canada Works Program

and the three students who worked
on the history book this summer:

Lorna Michel,
Cindy Kennedy
Harvey Anderson.

The proof readers were:

Mrs. Janice Wood,
Lee Cooper,
Rev. Jamie Scott.

Committee members of the history book are:

Mary Michel (Editor),
Dorothy McTaggart,
Barbara Bradley,
Aileen Daley,
Tom Michel,
Mabel Hodgson,
Therese Kazmiruk,
Mary "Bill" Pankoski,
Betty Lamothe,
Ethel Kennedy,
Barbara Warriner,
Kathy Panter,
Sylvia Martin.

All Rights Reserved

This book may not be printed in whole, or in part
without the permission of
Big River History Book Committee,
Big River, Saskatchewan.

Printed by

Turner - Warwick Printers Ltd.
North Battleford, Saskatchewan, 1979

Webmasters Note:

Timber Trails, the history of the
Town of Big River and District,
has been reproduced on this web site
with the kind permission of the
Members of the Big River Historical Committee.


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