Lost Land of the Caribou
Lost Land of The Caribou

By Ed Theriau, as told to Patricia Armstrong.
Illustrated by John Patrick Westburg.


Table of Contents

Introduction Let Me Tell You a Story Trial and Error
Camping Out Caribou Fishing
The Chipewyans White Men In The North Sleigh Dogs
On The Trapline Travel In The North Horses
Moose Bears Northern Killers
Birds Of Spring Conclusion Photographs 1
Photographs 2 Photographs 3 Photographs 4
Photographs 5 Empty Empty

Ed Theriau's story
Trapping in northern Saskatchewan, Canada

If only I were seventeen again instead of more than seventy, I would turn my face northward today. With jackpine and white moss around me, a pack of timber wolves howling a successful kill under a cold, bright moon, even with blowing snow rousing me from sleep beside my campfire at some narrows, I would again have the freedom and contentment that only a trapper knows.
It's the best life there is......

Ed Theriau





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