Memories Of Deep River

Memories Of Deep River

Hunting, Trapping, Fishing and Fur Farming
in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada


alvor Ausland emigrated to Canada from Evje, Norway in 1920, After working at odd jobs in the Watrous and Shellbrook area, he travelled to northern Saskatchewan. He began his career trapping at Grand Rapids on the Beaver River and then moved further north, trapping at such places as Skeleton Bay on Frobisher Lake and the Mudjatik River, known locally as Deer River, south of Cree Lake, Saskatchewan.

In 1925, Halvor Ausland moved to Deep River (MacBeth Channel on the map) and founded Deep River Fur Farm. It was located 24 miles west of the village of Ile-a-la-Crosse, and eighteen miles east of Buffalo Narrows on the Churchill River system. Along with mink and fox ranching, he continued to trap and carry on commercial fishing operations. From humble beginnings, Deep River Fur Farm was to become one of the largest and most successful fur farms in northern Saskatchewan.

Halvor Ausland was not one to keep success to himself. Over the years, he helped many northerners establish fur farms of their own. By 1956, there were 30-40, and possibly as many as 55 mink ranches in the Buffalo Narrows, Ile-a-la-Crosse area, the vast majority started with his help.

From a poor Norwegian immigrant, who came to Canada at 17 years of age and unable to speak English, he became a very successful, well known and highly respected businessman.

He accomplished this by sheer will and determination to succeed under the most difficult of circumstances without any help, or, handouts from anyone, other than his family and hired help.

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