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A Century in the Making

A Century in the Making

A Century in the Making

Big River Book Committee.

Big River Centennial History Book Committee Members:

Back Row:
Kathy Panter, Sharon Bradley Christopher Warriner,
Meada Wilson, Wendy Wilson.

Middle Row:
Beryl Mcknight, Dorothy Kuxhaus.

Front Row:
Amanda Crashley, Eugene Michel,
and Jana Panter.

Other members include:
Nicole Klassen, Nova Warriner,
Doug Panter, Bev Morgan
and Margaret Olenchuk.

Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of A Century in the Making,
please contact Kathy Panter.

A Century in the Making.

Village of Big River, Saskatchewan

Village of Big River, Saskatchewan.

Village of Big River, Saskatchewan

Copyright 2005

All rights reserved.
No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing,
from the publisher except by a reviewer, who may quote a brief passage in a review
to be printed in newspapers, or magazines.

ISBN 1-55383-085-7

Published by Big River
Centennial History Book Committee
Box 56
Big River, SK.

First Printing, 2005

Printed and bound in Canada by
Friesens Corporation
History Book Division
Altona, Manitoba ROG OBO

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