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Cherished Memories

50th Wedding Anniversary Accomplishments

Robert and Catherine Wood
Ernie and Leona Smith
Ralph and Edna Flint
Don and Irene Meiklejohn
Bill and Maudie Anderson
Tony and Belle Cooper
George and Edith Dodd
Hubert and Mary Michel
Olga and Eric Swanson - 56 years
Reidar and Anna Lomsnes - 53 years
Frank and Clara Anderson - 51 years
Wilf and Maude Anderson - 55 years
Jean and Walter Becker - 55 years
Sid and Mary Beeds - 54 years
John and Estelle Campbell - 57 years
Marjorie and George Carlson
Nap and Therese Chenard 59 years
Horace and Alfreda Eismann - 59 years
Jacob and Eleanor Belfry - 55 years
Kurt and Aleda Bengston - 53 years
Ed and Audrey Dahlby - 59 years
Lucy and Charlie Schuler - 50 years
John and Minnie Hoehn

Sid Beeds.

Sid and Mary Beeds - 50th Anniversary.

Hubert Babin.

Marie and Hubert Babin, February 12, 1945.
They celebrated 56 years.

Joe Billinger.

Ludwina and Joe Billinger, September 12, 1982
50th Anniversary.

Ed Bradley.

Ed and Barb Bradley, December 16, 2000
50th Anniversary.

John Breker.

Katherine and John Breker, November 1969
50th Anniversary

Art Buckingham.

Art and Ruth Buckingham,
50th Anniversary.

Carl Colby.

Grace and Carl Colby, 50th Anniversary.

Fred Eisman.

Fred and Leila Eisman, April 10, 1995
50th Anniversary.

Cliff Felt.

Freda and Cliff Felt,
50th Anniversary.

Albert Hannigan.

Marion and Albert Hannigan, October 11, 1997,
50th Anniversary.

J.K. Johnson.

Huldah and J.K Johnson, June 24, 1979
50th Anniversary

Bill McKnight.

Beryl and Bill McKnight
50th Anniversary

Peter Olenchuck.

Josephine and Peter Olenchuk
50th Anniversary.

Peter Olenchuck.

Edwin and Alice Olson
50th Anniversary, They celebrated 54 years.

Peter Olenchuck.

Eric and Olga Swanson
They celebrated 56 years.

Tom Warriner.

Barb and Tom Warriner, January 5, 1991
50th Anniversary.

Allyn Wood.

Margaret and Allyn Wood, August 5, 1997
50th Anniversary.

Wilfred Young.

Wilfred and Mary Young
They celebrated 54 years.

Albert Hannam.

Eileen and Albert Hannam
August 16, 1945.

Gordon McNabb.

Gordon McNabb, Hope Patrick, Dorothy and Richard Johnson,
Hazel Patrick, Paul Godin, 1953.

Gordon McNabb.

Rita Johnson, Joyce Egeland, Mary and Jack Lattenville,
Andrew Egeland, Orville Johnson and Henry Egeland, Novemeber 27, 1946.

Ernie Meiklejohn.

Chris and Ernie Meiklejohn
and wedding party.

Bruce Scorgie.

Edna and Bruce Scorgie.

Jacob Unrau.

Mary and Jacob Unrau
October 27, 1935.

Max Wilson.

Max and Laura Wilson.

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