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Cherished Memories

60th Wedding Anniversary Accomplishments

Art and Ethel Kennedy
JK and Huldah Johnson
Doreen and Edgar Wood
Jacob and Eleanor Belfry
Abram and Katharina Peters
Alexander and Annie Pukanski - 69 years
Henry and Hannah Peterson - 1910-1974
Joe and Ludwina Billinger - 63 years
James and Fanny Campbell - 60 years
George and Martha Cook - 60 years
Chris and Josephine Christiansen
Ernie and Wilma Doucet
George and Jean Apps, April 1, 1927
They celebrated 63 years.

George Apps.

George and Jean Apps, April 1, 1927
They celebrated 63 years.

Bill Buckingham.

Mable and Bill Buckingham
60th Anniversary, 1973.

Walter Archibald.

Walter and Florence Archibald,
60th Anniversary, They celebrated 67 years.

Marjorie Ausland (Carlson).

Marjorie and George Carlson

George Levesque.

George and Bertha Leveque
62nd Anniversary.

Clarence Pederson.

Norrie and Clarence Pederson
62 years.

Bill Potts.

Mary and Bill Potts
63 years.

Mike Thibeault.

Mike and Ella Thibeault
60th Anniversary.

Robert Wood.

Robert and Katherine Wood
Dec, 1969.

Kennedy Men.

Four Generations of Kennedy Men:
Back Row: Darren,
Front Row: Art, Riley, and Bob, 2000.

Jim Panter.

Helen and Jim Panter
55 years.

Nap Dube and Josephine Olenchuk.

Napoleon Dube,
100th, Birthday, May 29, 1981.
Josephine Olenchuk,
100th Birthday, April 14, 2004.

Helen Swedberg.

Helen Swedberg
100th Birthday, April 23, 2003.

Sod turning.

Sod Turning of Big River Special Care Home.

Students at Big River High School.

Big River High School Students.

Book Committee.

Big River Centennial History Book Committee Members
Back Row: Kathy Panter, Sharon Bradley
Christopher Warriner, Meada Wilson, Wendy Wilson.
Middle Row: Beryl Mcknight, Dorothy Kuxhaus.
Front Row: Amanda Crashley, Eugene Michel, Jana Panter.
Other members include:
Nicole Klassen, Nova Warriner, Doug Panter,
Bev Morgan and Margaret Olenchuk.

Big River Hotel.

Big River Hotel in Earlier Days.

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