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History of the Early Mink People in Canada

History of Mink Ranching in Canada
E. Rendle Bowness
Published in Canada, September, 1980
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History of Early Mink People in Canada.'


Many people contributed their recollections to this history and they are named when their stories are quoted. We are especially indebted to the provincial representatives on the historical committee who not only provided good information in their presentations, but also edited our efforts and on request ran down the vague traces of some of the early and less known mink people.

Percy V. Noble loaned us a hoard of early fur farm magazines which we kept for over two years. These along with my own accumulation of early literature gave me instant access to much historical fact. For the material which was missing from our combined collection, we turned to Charles M. Clay, present editor and owner of the Fur Trade Journal of Canada whose cheerful assistance and advice was invaluable.

The Public Archives of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, house Lowell Hancock's large and varied collection of historical fox and mink literature. The Provincial Archivist N. J. De Jong and the Assistant Archivist Marilyn Bell were most helpful, not only in the week we spent examining the material; but in the months since, sending additional information as we requested it.

Doris E. Boyd, Arlen V. Kerr and Fred S. Boyd, members of the Canada Mink Breeders staff deserve special mention. Their enthusiasm for this project and their dedication to it, resulted in a more comprehensive history than was, at first, contemplated..... To all these people, my grateful thanks.

E. Rendle Bowness

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