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Seven generations of the Aasland-Ausland family
in Norway and Canada

my great great grandparents.

My Great, Great, Grandparents,
Siri Knudsdatter Raustøl (1823 - ?) and Syvert Neresen Tvedt
of Aaseral (1819 – 1913).
they were married in 1848 and lived at Aasen.

my great grandmother astrid.

My Great Grandmother
Astri(d) Syvertsdatter Aasland (1855-?).
originally from Aasen in Evje).

my grandparents.

My Grandparents
Halvor Knudsen Aasland and Siri (Sigrid) Ellefsdatter.
(Originally Fles from Aamdals Verk in Telemark)

halvor ausland and his brothers.

My father, Halvor Ausland and his Brothers.
(l-r) Knut Halversen Aasland, Eilef Halvorsen Aasland,
Halvor Halvorsen Ausland (Aasland), Oscar Aasland
photograph was taken in Norway in 1949.

ausland family (l-r) selmer,irene, mary, ann, margerie, halvor.

Ausland family,
(l-r) Selmer, Irene, Mary, Ann, Marjorie, Halvor.
Photograph was taken at Deep River Fur Farm in the 1940s.

selmer ausland and family.

(l-r) Dorothy, Carol, Erik, Eilef, and Selmer Ausland (Aasland).

erik, carol and eilef aasland.

My Children, Erik, Carol and Eilef.
Photograph was taken at the Scandinavian Centre in
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

erik aasland.

My son Erik, standing beside Aasland sign in Norway.

erik and eilef aasland.

My twin sons, Erik and Eilef
standing under Aamdals Verk (nickel mine) sign in Norway.


My grandchildren
(l-r) Christian, Kendra, Jeffery and Cambrie (center).


My granddaughter, Cambrie
ready for Halloween

my daughter carol and her newest child, kaleb.

My daughter Carol and Kaleb, my new grandson.

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