A History of Buffalo Narrows

Buffalo Narrows Residents

Buffalo. Buffalo.

The following web pages contain a series of photographs of residents and scenes from the Buffalo Narrows area. While the photographs portray many of the pioneers of the area, there are many more whose photographs are not available at present. Should they become available, they will be added to this collection. Unfortunately, a number of the people shown are unidentified at the present time and will be listed as such. While the author of this web page was personally acquainted with many of the northerners of that era, time has erased many of the names once well known. Most of the pioneer residents are now deceased but many of their descendants still live in the Buffalo Narrows area. Today, the community they helped build, is a prosperous village of some 1400 residents who enjoy most of the amenities of communities farther to the south.

(Photographs courtesy of John and Mary Hansen.)


(L to R): Jacob Halvorsen, Tom Pedersen, Unidentified, Celina Pedersen,
Kelly Shatilla, Bjarne Fjelldal, unidentified, unidentified.
Children in front unidentified.


(L to R): Halvor Ausland, Halvor Pederson, Tony Swanson,
Tony Ericson, Jacob Halvorsen, Reider Pedersen.


Communion Day, date and participants unknown.

Residents by the lake.

Group of people at a dock.
Front standing is Frank Hansen.

Women and children on a scow.

Women and children on a scow, unidentified.

Tony Ericson and Mrs Clarke on a dock.

In the background (left)seventh from left Bill Clarke. In the
foreground (L to R) Glen Clarke, Etta Clarke and Tony Ericson.
In the background (right), second from right
Edward Chartier, third from right Edward Clarke,
the others are unidentified.

Family unidentified.

Unidentified family. Possibly Dutchy Hanson and family.

unidentified residents.

(L to R) Zak Gardiner, Rose Cataret, Frank (Chicken) Petit.

Children on a boat.

Children on Eugene Chartier's boat, unidentified.

A Wedding.

Wedding, Groom (in suit) - Archie Albert Buckley - Bride - Agnes Marie Daigneault.
Other participants are unidentified.

Halvor Ausland.

(Back row L to R): unidentified, Mary Walcer
(Front row L to R) Dave Lechasseur, Joe Walcer, Tom Pedersen, Jack Gibbons (RCMP),
Halvor Ausland, Violet Ausland, unidentified, far right is Evangeline Theriau.
The photograph was taken at Deep River Fur Farm in 1948.

Halvor Ausland.

Left to Right - Joe Walcer, Mary Ausland, Mary Walcer, Violet Ausland,
Halvor Ausland, Margaret Forrest
Photograph taken at Joe Walcer's mink ranch
at Deep River in the late 1940s.

Group of Residents.

(L to R) Exie Morin, Moses La Liberty, Celine Pedersen,
Magloire Morin, child unidentified.

Group of Ladies at a picnic.

(L to R) Eileen Montgrand, Irene Hansen, Alice Petit (Roth),
Rose Pedersen. Child in foreground unidentified.

Tom Pedersen and friends.

Left to right Tom Pedersen, Matilda Maurice,
unidentified, Cyril Aubichon.

Lady drying moose meat.

Lady drying moose meat is Bernadette Hansen.

Buffalo Narrows ferry.

Ferry crossing Kiezie Channel.

Snowmobile on the lake.

Snowmobile on the ice.

Tom Pedersen's boat.

Tom Pedersen's boat.

Bonnie and Joey Hansen.

Bonnie and Joey Hansen.


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