A History of Buffalo Narrows

Buffalo Narrows Residents

Buffalo. Buffalo.
Photographs Page Two

family Old Timers.

(l-r) John Goertzen (teacher) Celina Pedersen holding Rose Pedersen,
(front L-R) Skipper, Mary and Patsy Pedersen.(left)

Old timers with horses, unidentified. (right)

Trapper with furs. Trapper with fur.

Trapper John Hanson preparing pelts. (left)
Trapper John Hanson holding lynx pelts. (right)

Two men drying meat. Kelly Shatilla.

Unidentified men. Person on the left may be A.J. Norton. (left)

Back row ladies unidentified. Second row, left Margaret Cloutier,
unidentified, unidentified,
Kelly Shatilla. Lady in front with two children unidentified. (right)

family People with priest.

Back row (L to R) unidentified, Jumbo. Front row left unidentified,
center Gilbert Caisse and right Flora Aubichon. (left) Appears to be the Aubichon Family?

(L to R) Pierre Sylvestre, unidentified possibly Mrs Sylvestre, Father LeMay. (right)

A.J.Norton. Snowmobile.

A.J.Norton (left)

Snowmobile used for northern transportation (right).

Ladies doing laundry. Man in a canoe.

Unidentified ladies doing laundry

Unidentified man in a canoe.

People with horses. (front seated) Marianne and Gaudous Tremblay, baby Rosemarie, Lionel and Therese standing.

Unidentified man and woman with horses. (left)

(right - seated) Marianne and Gaudous Tremblay, baby Rosemarie
Lionel and Therese standing.

Group of men. Man in a canoe.

Unidentified group of men, Russell Clarke front center. (left)

Tom Pedersen and family in a sailboat. (right)

Bridge construction. Bridge Construction.

Bridge under construction.

Cabin. Camp.

Log cabin.

Tent camp, unidentified man.

Mink Sheds. Camp.

(L- R) John Pedersen?, Tom Pedersen, Skipper Pedersen.

(L-R) Kelly Shatilla, and Jergen Madsen. (right)

Lady preparing moosehide. Group of people.

Lady preparing moose hide, unidentified Child
Note the moose shinbone used to clean the moose hide. (left)

Group of people, unidentified. (right)

Girls in gym. Group of people.

Unidentified girls. (left)

Unidentified group of people. (right)

Unidentified lady. Scow on the water

Napesis Montgrand and sisters, (left)

Scow on the water. (right)

Two Men. Lady with horses.

(L to R) Bunny Pedersen and Paul ?

Photograph right: Unidentified lady with horses. (right)

Claude Bouchard Children Two men

(back row) Claude Bouchard, Lena ? (front) Mr Bouchard, Claude's father. (left)

Unidentified children, probably Pedersen girls. (center)

(L to R) Cyril Aubichon, unidentified man. (right)

Baking fish on open fire. Children Three people

Zack Gardiner and boy baking fish on an open fire. (left)

Isadore Morin (left), Exie and Maglaire Moran (right).

Back row (L to R) Tom? Sally Ericson (baby), Annie Chartier.
(front row) left Gary Ericson, right Gerald Pedersen. (center)

Two Ladies. Young girl Rose Pedersen

Two unidentified ladies, (centre) unidentified young girl (right) Rose Pedersen.

John and Mary Hansen Man on an Aircraft Ambrose McKay

John and Mary Hansen, (left) Man sitting on aircraft ? (center)

Photo upper right: Ambrose McKay (right in photograph) unidentified man.


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