A History of Buffalo Narrows

Buffalo Narrows Residents

Buffalo. Buffalo.
Photographs Page Three

Two Ladies. Woman with baby. Bernard McCallum

Two unidentified ladies. (left) Albertine McKay with baby.
(center) Bernard McCallum. (right)

Couple. Children. Two Ladies

(L to R) Bill Publicover? Rose Pedersen, child unidentified. (left)

Pedersen children. (center)   Unidentified ladies. (right)

Lady with baby. Young Girl. Jackie Thompson.

Irene Hansen and baby, (left) Unidentified young girl
(center) Jackie Thompson, (right).

Two ladies. Couple. Three Youg Ladies

(L-R) Christine Chartier, Matilda McCallum. (left)

Cyril Aubichon, Mrs Aubichon? (center)

(L to R) Rose Pedersen, Irene Hansen, unidentified lady. (right)

Dutchy Hansen. Mary's baby. Three People

Dutchy Hansen. (left) Mary's baby. (center)

(L to R) Elsie Pedersen, John Pedersen, Therese Raymond. (right)

two ladies. Kelly and Mrs Shatilla. schoolboys and teachers

Two Ladies unidentified (left)   Kelly and Mrs. Shatilla
(center) Schoolboys and teachers.(right)

Jim Patrick. Lady. Man with lake trout

(L-R) Moses Laliberty, Celina Pedersen, Jim Patrick (left)
Unidentified lady (center)

Frank Hanson with large lake trout. (right)

Man swimming. Three Men. Unidentified lady

Unidentified young man swimmimg. (left)
(L - R) George Moberly, Zak Gardiner, Gabe McKay. (center)
Excee Morin? (right)

Two girls.

(L to R) Unidentified, Peggy Hansen (Chartier).


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