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Who's Who of Furs - 1951 to 1952.


Page Introduction - Page 6
Canada's Fur Industry - Page 8


Alberta - Page 10
British Columbia - Page 10
Manitoba - 10
New Brunswick - Page 12
Newfoundland - Page 12
Nova Scotia - Page 12
Ontario - Page 12
Prince Edward Island - Page 18
Quebec - Page 18
Fur Cleaners - Page 23
Fur Dressers and Dyers - Page 23
Furs Raw and Dressed - Page 23


Alberta - Page 24
Chinchilla Breeders - Page 33
Who's Who In Alberta - Page 33
British Columbia - Page 34
Chinchilla Breeders - Page 38
Who's Who In British Columbia - Page 41
Manitoba - Page 44
Chinchilla Breeders - Page 48
Who's Who In Manitoba - Page 48
New Brunswick - Page 49
Fox Breeders - Page 49
Mink Breeders - Page 49
Chinchilla Breeders - Page 49
Who's Who in New Brunswick - Page 49
Nova Scotia - Page 50
Chinchilla Breeders - Page 50
Ontario - Page 50
Chinchilla Breeders - Page 65
Who's Who In Ontario - Page 67
Prince Edward Island - Page 70
Chinchilla Breeders - Page 70
Quebec - Page 70
Chinchilla Breeders - Page 72
Who's Who In Quebec - Page 74
Saskatchewan - Page 74
Chinchilla Breeders - Page 75
Yukon Territory - Page 75
U.S. Representative Breeders - Page 75
Who's Who In U.S.A - Page 77
Government Officials - Page 42
Canadian Fur Associations - Page 42
Auction Houses and Fur Buyers - Page 43
Feed Houses - Page 43
Fur Breeders Co-operatives - Page 43
Fur Trade Publications - Page 43
Governments - Page 44
Pelting Service - Page 44
Regalia - Page 44
Supply Houses - Page 44


Alberta - Dept. of Agriculture.
Anderson Furs, E.
Appliance & Heating Ltd.
Associated Chinchilla Farms
Austin Fur Farm Chinchillas Ltd.
B.C. - Dept. of Agriculture
B.C. Mink Pelting Service
B.C. Packers Ltd.
Ballard's Fox & Mink Foods
Beeman's Chinchilla Ranch
Blu Diamond Mink
Boivin Furbearers Ltd.
Bonnyview Fur Farm
Bowring Bros. Ltd.
Briggs Furriers, The
British Ropes Canadian Factory Ltd.
Broadway Fur Farm
Burns, Morgan
Butterfield Fur Ranch
C. & A. Mink Ranch
Caboal, M.
Caldwell Brothers
Calgary Co-operative Fur Farmers Assn.
Canadian Fur Auction Sales Co.
Canadian Trading Post
Capitol Fur Farm.
Carr's Fur Farm
Clackamas Chinchilla Farm
Cohn & Son Ltd.
Collings Fur Farm
Combs Fur Farm
Cormac Chinchilla Ranch
Davis & Bowen Fur Farm
Deltombe Fur Farm
Dominion Steel & Coal Corp. Ltd. - outside back cover
DuVal Fur Farms
Edmonton Fur Auction Sales
El Rancho Chinchilla Farm
Erieview Fur Farm
Far West Fur Farm
Fenrick Fur Farms
Fergus Fur Farms
Fourrures Magazine
Freeborn Chinchilla Ranch
Frost Steel & Wire Co. Ltd.
Fur Farm Supplies Ltd.
Fur Trade Journal Books
Gellett's Mink Ranch
Gilann Fur Farm
Glenafton Farms
Gold Medal Feeds
Hillcrest Mink Farm
Hudson's Bay Co - outside front cover
Humberview Chinchilla Ranch
Huron Mink Ranch
James Fur Farm
Jarvis, John H.
Kawartha Chinchilla Ranch
Kedray Chinchilla Ranch
Ketchum Mfg. Co.
Kilmorie Chinchilla Ranch
Laird Fur Farm
Lait, Stanley R.
Lakeside Fur Ranch
LeRoy Chinchilla Ranch
Little Bros. Fur Sales Agency - inside front cover.
Manitoba - Dept. of Natural Resources.
Manitoba Packing Ltd.
Maple Ridge Mink
Marsh Fur Farm
Mead Fur Farm
"Mink in Health & Disease, The"
National Chinchilla Breeders of Canada
Nelson & Tanz Fur Co.
Niagara Chinchilla Ranchers
Nirschl & Quinlin Fur Farm
North West Mill & Feed Co.
Northwood Fur Farms - inside back cover.
Nutana Chinchilla Ranch
Ontario - Dept. of Lands & Forests
Pacific Fur Breeders Co-operative
Parkinson Fur Farm
Pearlman & Goldberg
Pine Cove Fur Farm
Pine Drive Mink Ranch
Pine Grove Fur Farm
Pine Hitch Fur Farm
Pogue Fur Farm
Premier Chinchilla Fur Farms
Rancher's Supply Co. Ltd.
Rice & McIntosh
Rod Ross Fur Farm
St. Paul's Fur Farms
Silver Heights Fur Farm
Silvertone Mink Ranch Ltd.
Smith & Stowell Fur Farm
Spring Brook Fur Farm
Stewart, Frank
Stonehouse Chinchilla Ranch
Stus Chinchilla Ranch
Sun Valley Chinchilla Ranch
Surrey Fur Farm
Taff Fur Farm
Ternan Fur Farm
Thames Crest Fur Farm
Thwaites, Dr. Walter G.
Vandale Mink Ranch
Verstraete Fur Farm
Victor Fox Foods Ltd.
Victor Fox Industries Ltd.
Viobin (Canada) Ltd.
Wishbone Mink Ranch
Winnipeg Silver Fox & Mink Ltd.
Yamaska Chinchilla Ranch

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