Directory of who's Who in Furs.

Fur Farmers New Brunswick

This is a listing of New Brunswick Fur Farmers from
from Who's Who of Fur Farming, 1951 - 1952.


Fox Breeders

Allen, Alvin - Little Shemogue.
Allen, Mrs. Sabon - Bayfield.
Anderson, Russell - Port Elgin.
Ashley, Fred - Oak Bay.
Barry, Frank - Melrose.
Bateman, Hubert - Dorchester Crossing, R.R. 1.
Bateman, Rainsford - Dorchester Crossing, R.R. 1.
Beckwith. Roy - Salisbury.
Bell, Len - Sussex Corner.
Brewer, Elton - Prince William.
Burtt, A. Eugene - Woodstock, R.R. 6.
Carter, Levitt - Aulac, R.R. 1.
Church, W. R. - Gunningsville.
Colpitts, Fred - Salisbury, R.R. 1.
Colpitts, George A., Jr. - Salisbury, R.R. 1.
Colpitts, John - Salisbury.
Colpitts, Lawrence - Salisbury.
Colpitts, Leigh - Salisbury, R.R. 1.
Colpitts, Oliver - Salisbury.
Colpitts, Russell - Salisbury.
Colpitts, Samuel - Salisbury.
Colpitts, Stanley - Salisbury.
Colpitts, Vernon - Salisbury.
Connors, Herman H. - Upper Blackville.
Copp, F. H. - Port Elgin.
Crammond, Charles - Newcastle.
Currie, Elbridge E. - Mouth of Keswick.
Douglas, Field - Port Elgin.
Downey, Harry - Moncton, R.R. 3.
Edgett, Mrs. Elias - Little Shemogue.
Elgee, Perley - Cross Creek.
Erb, Charles - Sussex.
Fleming, James E. - Debec.
Foreman, John - Stanley.
Friars, Simon P. - Sussex.
Gillis, M. G. - Belleisle Creek.
Grant, C. H. - Debec.
Grant, Earl - Debec.
Grant, Henry - Port Elgin.
Grant, Sheridan - Fredericton.
Gray, Frank - Centreville, R.R. 4.
Hall, John - Little Shemogue.
Halt, Ruel - Sussex Corner.
Hamilton, Harvey F. - Shediac.
Henderson, Lorne - Moncton R.R.
Hendry, Clarence D. - Hartland.
Hubley, Wilfred - Anagance.
Hughes, Raleigh - Petitcodiac.
Johnston, Alex - Moncton R.R.
Moorehouse, Hinson C. - Upper Blackville.
Morton, Russell - Amherst, R.R. 2.
Murray, D. R. - Penobaciala.
Murray, Walter - Penobsquis.
Murray and Murray - Fredericton.
Murray, R. J. - Fredericton.
McCallum, Howard - Salisbury.
McKay, James W. - Amherst, R.R. 2.
McKenzie, Arthur - Sussex Corner.
McLeod, George - Black River.
McPherson, Hinson - Salisbury, R.R. 1.
McQuarrie, J. H. - Gunningsville.
Neilson, Adam - Little Shemogue.
Neilson, Thomas - Port Elgin.
Nelson, Archie - Salisbury.
Rankin, David - Fredericton.
Rideout, George - Hartland.
Scott, F. Irving - Bathurst.
Sherwood, C. B. - Norton.
Silliker, -Floyd - Port Elgin.
Somerville, Edward - Taymouth.
Spence, Walter - Little Shemogue.
Steen, Earl - Fredericton, R.R. 7.
Steeves, Cecil R. W. - Pollett River.
Stright, George - Little Shemogue.
Stright, Gordon - Little Shemogue.
Taylor, A. C. - Salisbury.
Taylor, E. M. - Fredericton.
Taylor, H. Stephen - Little Shemogue.
Trenholm, John A. - Port Elgin.
Trenholm, Talbert - Port Elgin.
Turner. Charles W. - Sussex.
Turner, Walter - Port Elgin.
Washburn, John - Howard.
Walton, Kenneth - Sackville.
Waterson, Frank - Sussex Corner.
Waterson, George - Penobsquis.
West, Walter - Moncton R.R.

Mink Breeders

Ashley, Fred - Oak Bay.
Bathurst Northern Mink Ranch - Bathurst.
Betts, J. L. - Millerton.
Brown, Robert - St. Stephen.
Brown's Ranch - West Bathurst, R.R. 1.
Carver, Richard - Moncton, R.R. 3.
Dow, Burnes - Meductic.
Dupuis, Arthur - College Bridge.
Dupuis, Fred - Shediac.
Ellis, Thomas - Bathurst, R.R. 1.
Fawcett, Dean - Petitcodiac.
Fleming, James E. - Debec.
Goddard, Ottie - Petitcodiac.
Grant, C. H. - Debec.
Grant, Earl G. - Debec.
Hayes, J. H. - Hampton.
Hendry, Clarence - Hartland.
Higgs, Laurel - Fosterville.
Hoar, Edward - River Glade.
Hooper, Horace - Back Bay.
Hooper, Ralph - Back Bay.
Jagoe, Gordon - Clifton.
Jamieson, W. E. - St. Stephen.
Kirk, John - Chelmsford.
Knowles, Reginald T. - Clifton.
Knowles, Gordon - Clifton.
LaBelle, George A. - Cocagne.
Leavitt, Vinton - Back Bay.
Mersereau, T. A. - Hampton.
Murray & Murray - Fredericton.
McElroy, Marvn - Burton.
McLaughlin, Joseph - Buctouche.
Newall, Carl - Rollingdam.
Paulin, Albert - Loggieville
Poirier, Alphonse - Grand Digue.
Porter, Clayton - Meductic.
Scott, F. Irving - Bathurst, R.R. 1.
Silliker, Aubrey - Silliker.
Small, J. - Black's Harbour.
Smith, Dudley - Salmon Beach.
Steen, Earl - Fredericton, R.R. 7.
Tucker, James - L'Ete.
Wadsworth, Abner - Debec.
Wadsworth, Lawson - Debec.


Connell, Katherine M. Mrs. - Box C, Woodstock.
Hallworth, Harry - Westfield Centre.
Harding, H. W. - Hammond River.
JARVIS, JOHN H. - 26 Fairlawn Court, Fredericton. Wallace, Arthur H. - 10 Arlington Drive, Moncton.


JOHN H. JARVIS - 25 Fairlawn Court, Fredericton. Mr Jarvis born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, although the greater part of his life has been spent in New Brunswick. He became interested in chinchillas in 1945 while stationed in Montreal through helping to incorporate the Cormac Chinchilla Ranch Limited. He was one of the early members of the National Chinchilla Breeders of Canada and acted as Secretary-Treasurer of the Quebec branch on its organization. He is an ardent Maritimer, believing that Maritime opportunities are more important than Maritime rights and that if the former is wisely exploited the latter will take care of themselves. When not at home he may usually be found casting a fly on the Miramichi River in the summer or the fall in search of partridge and woodcock in the beautiful St. John River valley.

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