Directory of who's Who in Furs.

Fur Farmers U.S.A.

This is a listing of Fur Farmers U.S.A.
from Who's Who of Fur Farming, 1951 - 1952.



SUN VALLEY CHINCHILLA RANCH, - 1282 Sunset Loop, Walnut Creek.
(James Dobson). Chinchillas.


Genesee Mountain Fox & Mink Ranch, Dr M. R. Howard, - 846 Metropolitan Bldg., Denver.
Heather Mink, Jack Duckels, - Rt. 2, Box 236, Denver.
San Juan Fur Farm, Lloyd Gibson, - Delta.


DeConti, Cash. J., - 130 LaSalle St., New Britain.
Wilson Mink Ranch, - Somers.


Moyle's Mink Ranch, - Heyburn.


Buhl, Otto E., Fur Farm, - Crystal Lake.
Eboy Sheen Mink Ranch, Roland T. Stafford, - Rt. 1, West Chicago.
Graf Mink Ranch, - Rawson Bridge Road. Cary.
Iroquois Fur Farm, Richard H. Champlin & Son, - Rt. 2, Antioch.
Mariwill Farm, William P. Bender, R.F.D. 1, - Naperville.

NORTHWOOD FUR FARMS, - Otto H. Grosse, - Cary. - Aleutians, Arctic Blues, Biufrosts,
Breath-of-Spring Pastels, Pastels, Breath-of-Spring Platinums, Silverblus,
Whites, Standards, Kobuks, Two-Tones.

Sandstrom, Elof, - Crystal Lake.
Sunny Hill Mink Farm, Max Joehnke, - Rt. 2, Box 268, Barrington.
Waukegan Mink Ranch, - Rt. No. 3, Waukegan.


Au Sable River Fur Farm, - 300 Dwight Avenue, Oscoda.
Glendale Mink Farm, R. W. Menzel, - Petersburg.
Pearl Beach Fur Farm, 0. W. & H. C. Schneider, - Pearl Beach.
Petoskey Fur Farms, 0. Brager-Larsen, - Harbor Springs.
Royal Mink Ranch, Josie M. Greenberg, - P.O. Box 51, Bridgeport.
THWAITES, DR. WALTER G., - 1771 Grand River Drive, Ada. Nutria.
Waterloo Mink Ranch, Louis C. Ramp, - Rt. 3, Grass.


Armstrong, Dr. D. A., - Alberta Lea.
Blue Sky Ranch, Don Nunn, - Anoka, 4.
Hedlund's Mink Ranch, Como Station, - Rt. 5, St. Paul 8.
Hercules Fur Farms, - Glencoe.
Koppleman, Leo, Fur Farm, - Cleveland.
Lakewood Fur Farm, - Box 66, Park Rapids.
Lester Mills Fur Farm, - Eden Valley.
Osborn, Dr. Seth S., - Waterville.
Schmidt, Carl W., - Ottawa.
Wildwood Mink Ranch Inc., - White Bear Lake.
Williams Mink Ranch, C. 0. Williams, - Carlton.
Wilson, A. L., Company, - Silver Creek.
Windy Knob Mink Farm, Dr. Kinley T. Orr & Son, - Rt. 2, Wayzata.


Lynwood Fur Farms, - Tebbetts.


Carlson Mink Farm, - Stromsburg.
Fontenelle Fur Farm, - Elkhorn.


Bennett, Lester W., and Sons, - Victor.
Finger Lakes Fur Farm, - Geneva.
Lake Ontaril Mink Ranch, Gravel Rd., - Webster.
Pure Bred Mink Farm, Robert S. Ballard, - Branchport.
Williams Mink Ranch, Ontario.


Blue-Mist Chinchilla Ranch, Thomas C. Mauter, - 3556 Kershaw, Toledo 13.
Corn, Dr E. B., - 3621 Brooklyn Ave., Cleveland 9.
Haska Fur Farm, The, R.Q. - No. 2, Kent.
Valleywood Mink Farm, Maurice R. Gladfelter, - Rt. 5, Box 64, Swanton.


Borgett's Mink Ranch, - Portland.
CLACKAMAS CHINCHILLA FARM, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Herrick, - Rt. 1, Box 481,
Clackamas. Chinchillas.
Finlay Fur Farm, - Jefferson.
Gardner Fur Farm, - 4140 N. River Rd., Salem.

MARSH FUR FARM, Floyd R. Marsh, - 18445 S.E. Stephens St., Portland.
Sapphires, carriers and dihybrids; Topaze, carriers and dihybrids.

NIRSCHL & QUINLIN FL R FARM, - 3231 S.E. 170 Ave., Portland 66.
Sapphires (Steels, Silverblus, Imperials); carriers and dihybrids; Royal Pastels,
Aleutians, Whites, Steeiblus, Breath-of-Spring Pastels, Standards.

Ronne Fur Farm, - Rt. 9, Box 196, Salem.
Royal Astor Mink, Gene Nadon, - Rt. 2, Box 480, Astoria.
Trail's End Fur Farm, - Rt. 3, Box 546, Astoria.
Waris, Andrew, R.F.D. 1, - Box 26, Clatskanie.


Genetti, A. H., - Sugar Loaf.
Oakwood Mink Ranch, - Boyers.
Waite's Fur Ranch, Cleo C. Waite, - East Lake Road, M.R. No. 13, Erie.


Black Willow Mink Ranch, John Adkins, - Coalville.
Erekson, Wm. B., & Sons, Fur Farm, R.F.D. No. 1. - Box 804, Sandy.
Grandquist Fur Farm, W. A. Grandquist, Rt. 1, - Box 689, Sandy.
Henderson, David W., - Star Route, Sandy.
Joffs, George W., - 6888 So. State St., Midvale.
Jordan Valley Mink Farm, Marvin J. Jenson, - 8500 So. Redwood Rd., Rt. 1, Midvale.
Utah Fur Farm, F. A. Wursten, - 125 E. Broadway, Salt Lake City 1.
Vernon, Ray, - Coalville.
Westwood Mink Ranch, - R.D.No. 1, Midvale


ASSOCIATED CHINCHILLA FARMS, - 7830 Bothell Way, Seattle 5. Chinchillas.
Anchor Chinchilla Ranch, - 17216-37 St. N.E., Seattle 55.
CALDWELL BROS. CHINCHILLA FARM, - Long Beach. Chinchillas.

FAR WEST FUR FARM, S. S. Munro, - Box 252, Bellingham. Steelblus, Royal Sapphires; Aleutian, Steelblu and Platinum marked carriers.

Hall, J. W., Rt, 2, Box 2714, - Redmond.
Hercules Fur Farms, - Spokane.
Marblemount Fur Farm, 0. S. Witham & Son, - Marblemount.
Pennell Fur Farm, - 2220 Dean Ave., Spokane 11.
Puget Sound Fur Farm, Wallace W. Leonard, - Box 666, Puyallup.
Rehsa Fur Farm, Rt. 5, - Box 45, Puyallup.

SMITH FUR FARM, Robert Smith, - Alderwood Manor. Standards, Pastels, carriers
and dihybrids for Sapphire.

Sno-King Mink Farm, Frieda and Lou Conner, - Rt. 1, Box 1285. Edmonds.


America's Wild Life Ranch, John J. Hasseler & Sons, - R. 1, Co. Trunk G. DePere.
Associated Fur Farms Inc., Langenfeld Brothers, - New Holstein.
Baugniet Mink Ranch, F. W. Baugniet, - Mishicot.
Bock & Mohr Fur Farms, - Rochester.
Bowen Mink Ranch, Ralph Bowen, - Berlin.
Christenson & Parker Mink Ranch, - Viroqua.
Christensen Bros. Minkery, - Cambridge.
Dittrich Mink Ranch, - Medford.
Don Lee Fur Farm, - Rt. 3, Box 504, Kenosha.
Dwight's Mink Ranch, - 3457 Riverside Drive, Beloit.
Hansen Mink Ranch, - Rt. 2, Beaver Dam. Herdegen Mink Ranch, Cyril F. Herdegen, - Granville.
Hickory Hill Mink Ranch, - Viroqua.
Huston, Gale, - La Farge.
Ingham's Fur Farm, - Spencer.
Jessen, Herman F., - Sugar Maple Lake, Phelps.
Jones and Stacey Mink Ranch, - Palmyra.
Koeppen Fur Farm, - Kiel.
Korb Bros. Mink Farm, - Rt. 1, Box 101, Madison.
Lac La Belle Mink Ranch, Frank S. Tillman, - Oconomowoc.
Lake Mills Mink Farm, C. S. Balaam, - Lake Mills.
Lakeside Mink Ranch, R. E. Quinn, - Hillsboro.
Lothe Fur Farm, - Poynette.
Meyrose Farm, S. Meyer, - Caledonia.
Moore, Larry, - Suamico.
Mt. Nebo Fur Farm, Charles I. Stormont, - Viola.
Naarup Fur Farm, - Waupaca.
Northern View Mink Ranch, Del DeHart, R.R. 2, - Berlin.
P. and B. Mink Ranch, Rt. 2, - Fort Atkinson.
Pflum Bros., - Tomahawk.
Phillips, Chester, - Lily.
Piper, Gerald, Mink Ranch, - Rt. 2, Elkhart Lake.
Potter & Son, - Wisconsin Rapids.
Reed, Wesley, Mink Ranch, - Rt. 2, Oconto.
Reinhardt, Paul L., - Rt. 4, Burlington.
Reona Fur Farm, - Jefferson.
Reuter, Roman, - Sauk City.
Riddel Mink Ranch, - Rt. 1, Box 128, Kenosha.
Rogers & Fleck Mink Farm, - Box 244, Ft. Atkinson.
Rolfe's Mink Farm, - La Farge.
Runge Mink Ranch, - Franksville.
Schettl's Minkery, - 1012 Columbus St., Two Rivers.
Schroeder Bros. Minkery, - La Farge.
Sodlink Mink Ranch, John Sodlink, - Rt. No. 1, Box 784, Kenosha.
Solberg's Minkery, Rt. 3, - Sparta.
Spring Lake Mink Farm, Hansche Bros., - Racine.
Straub's Minkery, Lester B. Straub, - Campbellsport.
Sturgeon, A. G., Pewaukee.
The MacArthur Farms, Arthur R. MacArthur, - Janesville.
Valley Mink Farm, Urban 3. - Brehm, Plymouth.
Voight, Merlin, - Lomira.
Werth's Capitol Fur Farm, Tony Werth, - Oregon Rd., Madison.
White Owl Fur Farm, - Antigo.
Whittingham Fur Farm, - Arpin.
Wittig Farms Inc., Harley Wittig, - Green Bay.
Wil-Mar Farm, W. T. Stautz, - Rt. 3, Lake Geneva.


CLACKAMAS CHINCHILLA FARM - Clackamas, Oregon. (Mr and Mrs Ralph L. Herrick.) This farm was established in 1943. The Herricks were pioneers in introducing chinchillas into Oregon territory. Mr Herrick was formerly engaged in sugar refinery and railroad work. They now devote all their time to the chinchilla industry and chinchilla organization work. They were married in 1937 and have one son. They are interested in educational work on the chinchilla industry and in 1948 donated a pair to the Washington Zoo in Portland. The Herricks have been consistent winners at the United States chinchilla shows.

NIRSCHL & QUINLIN FUR FARM - 3231 S.E. 170th Ave., Portland 66, Oregon. (Lewis Nirschl and Cliff Quinlin.) Both Mr Nirschl and Mr Quinlin are married, and they are engaged in the mink industry exclusively, the ranch being established in 1936. For years they have been prize-winners at various shows including the western Canadian shows.

NORTHWOOD FUR FARMS - Cary, Illinois. (Otto Grosse.) This is the largest individually-owned fur farm in the world and had its beginning when Mr Grosse became interested in fox raising as a hobby in 1928. With three other men he built and managed the Algonquin Fox Farm, but this was split up in 1936. Mr Grosse then started on his own with 165 pairs of foxes and established this new farm in 1936, which is a monument and a credit to the fur farming industry. To give an idea of the size of his farm, the mixer for cutting up the food holds 3500 pounds, which requires a 50-horsepower motor to drive it. The cold storage on the farm can handle two million pounds of frozen meat. He has made some of the biggest sales of breeding stock in the industry and it is nothing unusual for him to sell 200 to 400 animals at a time to one buyer. Mr Grosse was appointed chairman of the National Board Fox Advertising campaign and gave almost a full year of his time to put the programme in operation. Also, he was chairman on the Advisory Committee. He is married and has one son and one daughter.

SUN VALLEY CHINCHILLA RANCH - 1282 Sunset Loop, Walnut Creek, California. (James Dobson.) Mr Dobson was born December 25th, 1921; is a graduate of the University of California where he majored in business administration and advertising. He was a former manager for F. W. Woolworth Company at Oakland, Calif. His hobbies are photography and golf. At present, in addition to raising chinchillas, he is sales representative for chinchillas, mink, marten, nutria and hamsters. He was married February 8th, 1947, and has two children, a boy and a girl. He is a member of the Chinchilla Association of America, Oakland Chinchilla Club, Chinchilla Institute of America, National Chinchilla Breeders Association, and is also a member of the Oakland Junior Chamber of Commerce and Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce.

THWAITES' NUTRIA FARM - 1771 Grand River Drive, Ada, Michigan. (Dr. Walter G. Thwaites.) Dr Thwaites was born in Alpena, Michigan, 1890. He is Doctor of Osteopathy, Surgery and Radiologist. His farm was established in 1944. Dr Thwaites has long been interested in the raising of nutria and now has established a farm where he is producing outstanding stock successfully. His chief hobbies are hunting and devoting his time to the raising of nutria, although he is also a radiologist at Muskegon Hospital. He is married and has one son in Spokane, Washington. He is a member of the Michigan Fur Breeders' Association.

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