who's who in furs.

Canadian Furriers

This is a listing of Canadian Furriers from Who's Who of Fur Farming, 1951 - 1952.
Following that, is a series of assorted graphic fur farm advertisements,
from the same publication and time period.


Alaska Fur Shop - 11011 - 128th St., Edmonton, Alta.

Anderson, Andrews - 10181 - 100th St., Edmonton, Alta.

Briggs Furriers & Fur Dressers, Calgary.

Brodie Furriers, J. S. - 10177 - 100th St., Edmonton, Alta.

Daum's Furs Ltd. - 604 - 7 Lesson - Lineham Blk., Calgary, Alta.

Dominion Furriers - 10017 - 102nd Ave., Edmonton, Alta.

Edmonton Furriers Ltd. - 10624 Jasper Ave., Edmonton, Alta.

Hurtig, A. & M., Furriers - 10140 Jasper Ave., Edmonton, Alta.

Kraft, The Furrier - 222 - 8th Ave. W., Calgary, Alta.

Lethbridge, Furriers - 514 - 3rd Ave. S., Lethbridge, Alta.

Morris (Millmud) Furs - No. 1 Christie Grant Bldg., 10174-101 St., Edmonton, Alta.

McEwen Fur Shop - 10144 - 101st St., Edmonton, Alta.

Pain, Thomas - 131 - 8th Ave. W., Calgary, Alta.

Perfect Furriers Ltd. - 10341 Jasper Ave., Edmonton, Alta.

Reliable Furriers Ltd. - 715 - 4th St. W., Calgary, Alta.

Renfrew Furs - 106 - 7th Ave. W., Calgary, Alta.

Valentyne Fur Co. - 10455 Jasper Ave., Edmonton, Alta.

Western Furriers - 10450 Jasper Ave., Edmonton, Alta.


Alaska Fur Co., 2698 Granville, Vancouver.

Alexandar, A. E., 302 Water, Vancouver.

ANDERSON FURS, 653 Howe, Vancouver.

Avenue Furs, 3096 Granville, Vancouver.

Boyd, Mrs May E., 2679 Broadway, Vancouver.

Cambie Furriers, 3096 Granville, Vancouver.

Canadian Fur Enterprises, 459 Hamilton, Vancouver.

Chee, C. W., 1120 Granville, Vancouver.

Cleat, R., 615 W. Pender, Vancouver.

Connor Furs, 734 Davie, Vancouver.

Cossey, J. H., 736 Granville, Vancouver.

Cumming, J. F., 2737 Main at 12th. Vancouver.

Dalecrest Fur Co., 709 W. Geo., Vancouver.

Dodek Bros. Ltd., 721 Robson, Vancouver.

Donaldson, L. H., Furs, 2447 E. Hastings, Vancouver.

Epolitoff, D., Co., 1521 W. 10th, Vancouver.

Famous Cloak & Suit Co. Ltd., 623 W. Hastings, Vancouver.

Faulkner's Furs, 305 Water, Vancouver.

Foster's Fur Store, 825 Howe, Vancouver.

Grandview Furrier, 1323 Commercial, Vancouver.

Heather, G. G., & Co. Ltd., 1026 Granville, Vancouver.

Herman's Furs, 1439 Commercial, Vancouver.

Holt Fur Co. Ltd., 587 Howe, Vancouver.

Hurtig, A. & M., Furriers Ltd., 563 Granville, Vancouver.

Hyams, Alfred, & Son, 797 W. Georgia, Vancouver.

Hyams, Sidney, Ltd., 771 Dunsmuir, Vancouver.

International Furriers, 1143 Granville, Vancouver.

Jack, Louis K., Ltd., 207 W. Hastings, Vancouver.

Jurisin Furs, 850 Denman, Vancouver.

Kolberg, A. A., 423 Hamilton, Vancouver.

Lacterman Bros., 985 Granville, Vancouver.

Lando Fur Co., 306 Granville, Vancouver.

Lubin Furs, 3030 Granville, Vancouver.

Mart Fur Store, 933 Davie, Vancouver.

Munro Furs, 1363 Kingsway, Vancouver.

New York Fur Co. Ltd., 797 W. Georgia, Vancouver.

North West Fur Co. Ltd., 910 Robson, Vancouver.

Norton Furs, 459 Hamilton St., Vancouver.

Papp, V., 2372 W. 4th, Vancouver.

Pappas, T., 850 Granville, Vancouver.

Paterson, Mrs J. E., 1054 Denman, Vancouver.

Polaris Scientific Fur Cleaning Co., 444 Seymour, Vancouver.

Pop, G. L., 2152 Main, Vancouver.

Pop, G. L., 732 Burrard, Vancouver.

Pop, R. J., Ltd., 3101 Granville, Vancouver.

Silberberg, George, Ltd., 302 Water, Vancouver.

Speiser Furs, 2706 Granville, Vancouver.

Stone Furs, 840 W. Pender, Vancouver.

Sweet Sixteen Ltd., 2204 Main, Vancouver.

Toft Furs, 1142B Robson, Vancouver.

Trapper's Furs, 461 Hamilton, Vancouver.

Vancouver Furriers, 183 E. 27th, Vancouver.

Viking Fur Co. Ltd., 1047 Granville, Vancouver.

Wallach & Brail, 16 E. Hastings, Vancouver.

Ward, W. G., & Co., 543 Granville, Vancouver.

Watt, Mae, Furrier, 1909 W. Broadway, Vancouver.

Weston Fur Co., 873 Granville, Vancouver.

Yukon Furriers, 3420 Cambie, Vancouver.


Academy Cleaners, Tailors & Furriers, 442 Academy Rd., Winnipeg.

Alaska Fur Co. Ltd., 266 Edmonton St., Winnipeg.

Alcone Fur Co., 401 Time Bldg., Winnipeg.

Alexander Fur Co., 227 Market Ave., Winnipeg.

Allan Fur Co., 512 Time Bldg., Winnipeg.

Andruschak's Tailors & Furriers, 312 Des Meurons, Winnipeg.

Arnst, S. E., 734 McCalman Ave., Winnipeg.

Arnst, 0., 550 Mountain Ave., Winnipeg.

Bari Furs, 613 Time Bldg., Winnipeg.

Beaver Fur Company, 408 Donalda Block, WinniPeg.

Seigel Fur, 122 Colony, Winnipeg.

Blain, W., 365 McKenzie, Winnipeg.

Bond Furriers, 6th fl. Hart Bldg., Winnipeg.

Budd Fur Co., 825 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.

Chicago Fur Co., 519 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg.

Cohen, W., Fur Co. Ltd., 449 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.

Cohen & Katz Co., 266 Edmonton, Winnipeg.

Collins, C. A., Fur Co., 940 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.

Corydon Tailors & Furriers, 897 Corydon Ave., Winnipeg.

Craft Fur Co., 220 Phoenix Bldg., Winnipeg.

Crust, L., 635 Corydon Ave., Winnipeg.

Delaney's Furs, 330 Smith, Winnipeg.

Delmarque, Connie, 678 St. Jean Baptiste, Winnipeg.

Denner, Frank M., & Co. Ltd., 314 Time Bldg., Winnipeg.

Diamond Furs, 2nd fl. Birks Bldg., Winnipeg.

Dodge, Garnet R., 845 Corydon Ave., Winnipeg.

Dorfman, Oscar, 2nd fl. 87 King, Winnipeg.

Durable Fur Co. Ltd., 2nd fl. Fashion Bldg., Winnipeg.

Du-Rite Cleaners, Dyers & Furriers, 291 Sherbrook, Winnipeg.

Eagle Fur Co. Ltd., 515 Time Bldg., Winnipeg.

Economy Furriers Ltd., 221 McDermot Ave., Winnipeg.

Empire Tailors & Furriers, 256 Stafford, Winnipeg.

Excel Fur Co., 203 Plymouth Bldg., Winnipeg.

Expert Tailors & Furriers, 173 Lilac, Winnipeg.

Fashion Furriers, 224 Phoenix Bldg., Winnipeg.

Fifth Avenue Ltd., 420 Main, Winnipeg.

Fingard Furs, 215 "A" Phoenix Bldg., Winnipeg.

Fort Garry Dyers & Cleaners Ltd., 324 Yonge St., Winnipeg.

Fort Rouge Cleaners & Dyers Ltd., 123 Osborne, Winnipeg.

Fur Clinic, The, 288 Kennedy, Winnipeg.

G.W.S. Mfg. Ltd., 757 Corydon Ave., Winnipeg.

Gerb Fur Manufacturing Co., 908 Sargent Ave., Winnipeg.

Gitelman, Louis, 402 Time Bldg., Winnipeg.

Glazerman Fur Co., 326 Donald, Winnipeg.

Gregory & Rogan, 641 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.

Gupchi, George, 811 Dorchester Ave., Winnipeg.

Gynn, F. W., Co. Ltd., 476 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.

Hill, A. Y., Fur Co., 511 Time Bldg., Winnipeg.

Hurtig, A. & M., Ltd., 262 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.

K & P Fur Co., 693 Main, Winnipeg.

King's Limited, 396 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.

Kolchin & Boxer Ltd., 415 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.

Lanthier, Antonio, 254 Main, Winnipeg.

Lanthier, Chas., 373 St. Marys Ave., Winnipeg.

Lawrence Furs, 88 Noble Ave., Winnipeg.

Levant, Edgar, Furs, 263 Kennedy, Winnipeg.

Lieberman, L., Fur Manufacturer, 164 Princess, Winnipeg.

Love Fur Co., 601 Time Bldg., Winnipeg.

Ludwig, M., Furriers, 462 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.

Manhattan Fur Co., 2nd fl. 490 Main, Winnipeg.

Manitoba Fur Mfg. Co., 596 Manitoba Ave., Winnipeg.

Marvel Fur Co. 613 Time Bldg., Winnipeg.

Mayman, B., 302 Nokomis Bldg., Winnipeg.

Meckling Furs, 146 Provencher Ave., Winnipeg.

Midway Fur Co. Ltd., 194 Market Ave. E., Winnipeg

Mitchell Fur Co., 516 Time Bldg., Winnipeg.

Model Fur Co., 304 Kennedy, Winnipeg.

Moffatt, J., 141 Sherbrook, Winnipeg.

Montreal Fur Co., 502 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg.

Morris Fur Co., 483 Portage Ave.,

Winnipeg. Morris, Steve, 1646 Arlington, Winnipeg.

Myers, H. Fur Co.'414 Time Bldg., Winnipeg.

Neaman Co. Ltd., Free Press Bldg., Winnipeg.

Nep Furs, 41 Sherbrook, Winnipeg.

Nep and Schiffer Furs, 124 Phoenix Bldg., Winnipeg.

Northern Fur Co., 226 Osborne, Winnipeg.

Norwood Tailors, Furriers & Cleaners, 284 Tache Ave., Winnipeg.

Packer Furs, 55 Bate Bldg., Winnipeg.

Paris Fur Co., 301 Time Bldg., Winnipeg.

Pasicov, H., Fur Co., 302 Time Bldg., Winnipeg.

Pavel, Carl, 493 Corydon Ave., Winnipeg.

Perfect Tailors & Furriers, 646 Sargent Ave., Winnipeg.

Persian Fur Co., 1310 Main, Winnipeg.

Perth Furriers Ltd., 482-4 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.

Pierce Fur Co. Ltd., 103 Peck Bldg., Winnipeg.

Pilutik, J., Fur Co., 156 Sherbrook, Winnipeg.

Poms Tailors & Furriers, 31 Sherbrook, Winnipeg.

Portage Tailors & Furriers, 31 Sherbrook, Winnipeg.

Purcell, W., 273 Des Meurons, Winnipeg.

Reliable Furs, 1058 Main, Winnipeg.

Right, J., 804 Sargent Ave., Winnipeg.

Roussin, M., 481 St. Marys Rd., Winnipeg.

Royal Fur Co., 153 Carlton, Winnipeg.

Rudolph, A., Furs Ltd., 466 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.

Rudolph, H., Tailor & Furrier, 251 Kelvin, Winnipeg.

Santa, Rudolph, 842 Corydon Ave., Winnipeg.

Schultz, W., .590 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg.

Schwartz Fur Co. Ltd., 185 James Ave., Winnipeg.

Service Fur Co., 202 Birks Bldg., Winnipeg.

Shell & Simovitch, 410 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg.

Shumsky Fur Co., 937 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.

Silverman Bros. Fur Co., 1423 Main, Winnipeg.

Stall Fur Co. Ltd., 5th fl. Peck Bldg., Winnipeg.

Stewart, M., Fur Co., 421 Graham Ave., Winnipeg.

Stratton, Geo., 60134 Portage Ave.,. Winnipeg.

Style Fur Shop, 284 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg.

Temple, J., Tailor and Furrier, 1300 Main, Winnipeg.

Thorpe Fur Co., 293 Carlton, Winnipeg.

Toronto Fur Co. Ltd., 391 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.

Universal Furs, Rm. 321-297 Smith, Winnipeg.

Veteran Furriers, 3rd fl. Forum Bldg., Winnipeg.

Vogue Fur Salon, 133 Osborne, Winnipeg.

Winston Furs, 384 Donald, Winnipeg.

Winston Monte Fur Co., 1166 Main, Winnipeg.

Wright, J. R., 804 Sargent Ave., Winnipeg.

Winston, Herbert, 425 Portage Ave., Winnipeg.

Zapp Fur Shop, 592 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg.


Abrams, M. - 67 Regent, Fredericton, N.B.

American 'Ladies' Tailoring Ltd. - 96 Princess, St. John, N.B.

Boudreau, L. E. - Eel River. Crossing, N.B. Brunswick

Furriers - 880 Main St., Moncton, N.B.

Calp's Ltd. - 26 Charlotte, St. John, N.B.

Creaghan, J. D., Co. - 795 Main St., Moncton, N.B.

Donovan, G. & C. - Woodstock, N.B.

Eastern Furriers - 88 Germain, St. John, N.B.

Everett, C. & E., Ltd. - 2729 Charlotte, St. John, N.B.

Fuhrer, Sam - Edmundston, N.B.

Gibson, Geo. W. - Woodstock. N.B

Grand Dept. Store - 509 Main St., St. John, N.B.

Magee, David, Ltd. - 76 Germain, St. John, N.B.

Manchester, Robertson, Allison, Ltd. 27 King St., St. John, N.B.

Manzer's Store - Woodstock, N.B.

Maritime Fur Pool Ltd. - Armstrong Bldg., Moncton, N.B.

Modern Ladies' Tailor - 562 Queen St., Fredericton, N.B.

McCann, Edward - 55 Germain, St. John, N.B.

Peake's Ltd. - 786 Main, Moncton, N.B.

Rosenhek's Ltd. - Campbellton, N.B.

Rouse, Louis J. - 879 Main, Moncton, N.B.

Sadler, David - Chatham, N.B.

Thomas, F. S., Co. - 543 Main St., St. John, N.B.

Tingley, Gordon M. - 900 Main St., Moncton, N.B.

Ward of Don Vasted, (The) - 203R Union, St. John, N.B.


Ayre & Sons Ltd. - St. John's, Newfoundland.

Baird, James, Ltd. - St. John's, Newfoundland.

Bowring Bros. - St. John's, Newfoundland.

Ewing, W. H., & Son Ltd. - 199 Water St., St.John's, Newfoundland.

Exploits Valley Royal Stores Ltd. - Grand Falls, Newfoundland.

Goodyear & House Ltd. - Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

London, New York & Paris Association of Fashion Ltd. - St. John's, Newfoundland.

Model Shop - 173 Water St., St. John's, Newfoundland.

Royal Stores Ltd. - St. John's, Newfoundland.


Avery Furriers Ltd. - 188 Quinpool Rd., Halifax.

Barkers Ltd. - 129 Victoria St., Amherst.

Benny's Fur Shop - 364 Charlotte, Sydney.

Bentley, C. E., & Co. - Truro.

Biggar 's Ready - to - Wear - Archimdes St., New Glasgow.

Bond's Furniture - North Sydney.

Bourgeois, Clifford - 69 Lawrence, Halifax.

British Canadian Co-operative Soc. Ltd. - Sydney Mines.

Brown, Charles, Furriers Limited - 424 Barrington, Halifax.

Chambers, L. T. - 33 Kane, Halifax.

Cosman's Man's Shop - Yarmouth.

Cousins Ltd. - 507 Robie St., Halifax.

Crowell's Ltd. - 319 Charlotte, Sydney.

Edwards Fur Co. Ltd. - 23 Blowers, Halifax.

Fashion Fur Shoppe - 462 Barrington, Halifax.

Francis, A. J. - Green Lantern Bldg., Halifax.

Goodman Co. - Antigonish.

Hay, Geo., Tailoring Co. Ltd. - 536 Roy Bldg., Halifax.

Hinchey, W. J. - New Waterford.

Kline's Ltd. - 72 Gottingen, Halifax.

Macy, J., Co. Ltd. - 285 Gottingen, Halifax.

Mar Furriers Ltd. - 52 Sackville, Halifax.

Maritime Furriers Ltd. - 52 Sackville, Halifax.

Merchant, Fred, Ltd. - 338 Charlotte, Sydney.

Mitchell Fur Co. Ltd. - 28 Blowers, Halifax.

Ross Fur Co. - 90 Provost. New Glasgow.

Ross Fur Co. - 230 Charlotte, Sydney.

Scotia Furs - 6 Inglis, Truro.

Silver, George W., Co. Ltd. - 39 Lincoln St.,Lunenburg.

Solomon Bros. - Dartmouth.

Spiro's Department Store - 191 Provost, New Glasgow.

Stephen's, W. A. - Windsor.

Wattling, G. Max - 195 Victoria St., Amherst.

Wilkie & Cunningham - Antigonish.

Wood Bros. Co. Ltd. - 109 Granville, Halifax.



Earl's Furs Ltd., 133 Wyndham.

Foster's Fur Storage Ltd., 128 Wyndham.

Hahn's Fur Shop, 105 Wyndham.


Artistic Fur Company, 72 King W.

Axelson, T. A., R.R. 4.

Barnes Fur Co., 250 Ottawa N.

Beckett, Mrs K. G., 113 Kent.

Cropper, Alfred J., 1511 Main E.

Farquhar Furs, SO King E.

Gage & Vogt, 36 King E.

Giddings Ltd., 57 King W.

Gittis Fur Co., 50 King W.

Harte Manufacturing Furriers, 55 John S

Hicks Furs, 822 Main E.

Holt Renfrew & Co. Ltd., 28 King E.

Howell Brothers Ltd., 30 King E.

Kahnert Furs, 35 Hillsdale W.

Leeds Furs & Millinery, 275 Ottawa N.

Leon Furs, 128 James N.

Louis-Hudson Furs, 1634 King W.

Lubek Fur Co., 238 King W.

Modern Furriers, 24 King W.

Morris Fashions, 215 King E.

Nadel Mfg. Furriers, 462 King E.

New York Fur Co., 76 King W.

Patt, H., 16Y2' King W.

Philips, Morris, Dress Shop, 15 James N.

Poltur Furs, 110 King W.

Ramsey, Robert, 17 John N.

Rochwerg, I., 212 King E.

Slay, N., 1500 Main E.

Swears & Wells (Canada) Ltd., 22 King E.

Wise Fur Co., 189 Ottawa N.


Exclusive Fur Shop, 110 Dundas.

Forrest Furs Ltd., 70 King.

Grafstein Fur Co., 696 Dundas.

Rayfield's Furs, 778 Dundas E.

Rhodes Furs, 611 Richmond.

Tobey's Furs, 805 Dundas St.

Western Fur Co., 328)4 Dundas St.


Burkholder Furs Ltd., 119 Bank St.

Cardash, L., 358 Rideau.

Chartrand Furs, 36 College.

Chateau Furs Ltd., 107 Bank St.

Dworkin Furs, 256 Rideau.

Flesher Furs, 220 Bank.

Gittleson, Edward, Furs, 102 Bank St.

Gold, Max, Wholesale Furs Reg'd., 268 Stewart.

Holt, Renfrew & Co. Ltd., 182 Queen St.

Lobel Furs, 267 Bank.

Renfrew Furs Ltd., 61 York.

Smith Brothers Fur Mfg. Co., 1123 Wellington.

Sobcuff Furs, 176 Rideau.

Style Shoppe Furriers, 132 Bank.


Ace Fur Co., 613 Dundas W.

Ackland & McGrath, 535 Eglinton W.

Acme Furs, 295 Queen E.

Alder Furs, 130 Spadina Ave.

Alana Furs, 672 Yonge St.

Algro Fur Co., 255 College St.

Allan, A. A., & Co. Ltd., 181 Bay St.

Allen & Rosenthal Furs, 436 Spadina Ave.

Alter Furs Ltd., 364 Yonge St.

American Dress & Fur Shop, 732 Queen E.

Andrae Furs, 2940 Bloor W.

Appel Fur Co., 119 Spadina Ave.

Arctic Fur. Co., 227 Spadina Ave.

Arnst & Cooke, 96 Spadina Ave.

Art Fashions, 536 Queen W.

Arrow Fur Co. Ltd., 116 Spadina Ave

Artistic Fur Co., 87 King W.

Ashmor Fur Co., 38 Willison Sq.

Atlantic Furriers Ltd., 431 King W.

Atlas Fur Co., 110 Spadina Ave.

Avon Fur Co., 684 Bathurst St.

B & S Fur Co., 1199 Bloor W.

Baer, E., Ltd., 350 Adelaide W.

Balfour Fur Co. Ltd., 119 Spadina Ave.

Band, Abram, 571 St. Clair W.

Banner Fur Co., 317 Adelaide W.

Barrett Fur Co., 473 Queen W.

Barrett, Max, 2109 Yonge St.

Barry, Geo. F., 219 Parkview Ave.

Barth & Sons Furs Ltd., 317 Adelaide W.

Basset, J. DM, 538 St. Clair W.

Bay Fur Co., 676 Yonge St.

Beaver Fur Co., 274 College Ave.

Beder Furs, 439 King W.

Beer, Gordon S., Ltd., 1161 St. Clair W.

Bell, W. H., & Sons, 1212 Bloor W.

Bender Fur Co. Ltd., 317 Adelaide W.

Benson, H. C., 375 Broadview Ave.

Bergman Fur Co., 197 Spadina Ave.

Berman & Hurman, 274 College St.

Better Made Furs, 1276 Bloor W.

Birkan's Fur Coat Cleaners & Dyers, 6 Oxford St.

Birrell, E. Shipley, 146.5 Yonge St.

Black, John, Furs, 521a King W.

Bogo, Jules, 109 Bloor W.

Bon Fur Co., 274 College St.

Bond Furs Ltd., 57 Bloor W.

Book - Lyons Furs, 1497a Yonge St.

Borovoy Fur Shop, 367 Eglinton W.

Bowman Furs, 959a Bloor W.

Broadview Fur Co., 722 Queen St.

Brodey, Draimin & Co., 256 Yonge St.

Brown & Shapero Fur Co.' 1252 Bloor W.

Browning, Harry, 565 St. Clarens Ave.

Bucher Fur Co., 367 Eglinton W.

Burns Fur Co., 30 Duncan St.

Burnstein, Mrs. M., 531 Douglas Ave.

Canada Fur Mfg. Co., 57 Bloor W.

Cantor's Furs, 710 Bay St.

Cardish Fur Co., 2378 Bloor W.

Cardish, S. R., Furs, 2605 Yonge St.

Central Fur Co., 317 Adelaide W.

Chester Furs, 395 Danforth Ave.

Classic Fur Co., 317 Adelaide W.

Clarke, Mortimer F., 212 Oakwood.

Clayton's Stores Ltd., 230 Yonge St.

Cohen, A., 146 Danforth Ave.

Colquhouns Scottish Fur House Ltd., 38 Bloor W.

Colonial Fur Co., 96 Spadina Ave.

Cooper & Fisher Fur Co., .54 Peter St.

Conson Furs, 577 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

Cornblum, S. R., 684 Bathurst St.

Coronation Fur Co., 119 Spadina Ave.

Courtot, Jean, of Canada Ltd., 76 Bloor W.

Crandell & Kaufman, 30 Camden St.

Creed, Edmond, 312 Adelaide W

Creed, Harry, 36 Bloor E.

Creed Furs Ltd.. 8 Bloor W.

Crescent Fur Co., 317 Adelaide W.

Cross-Town Furs, 320 Bathurst St.

Curtis Furs, 320 Bathurst St.

Crystal Fur Co., 555 Bloor W.

Dainty Fur Co., 3893.4 Queen W.

Dalton, E. A., & Sons, 3022 Dundas W.

Dandele, E., 58 St. Clair E.

Davis, F., Fur Co., 194 Crawford St.

Devoretsky Fur Co.' 324,Adelaide W.

Co.,Diamond Fur 1364 'Danforth Ave.

Di - Anne Cleaners & Furriers, 744 Annette. St.

Dobkin Furs, 600 Bay St.

Dominion Fur Co., 1364 Danforth Ave.

Donald, Allan C., 994 Dundas W.

Donn, Harold, Fur Co., 354 Yonge St.

Doran Fur Co., 402 Spadina Ave.

Draimin's Furs, 1043 Bathurst.

Duckworth's Furs, 36 Avenue Rd.

Dundas Furs, 994 Dundas W.

Eastern Fur Co. Ltd., 30 Duncan St.

Economy Furriers, 828 Bloor W.

Eisen, I., 44 Camden St.

Elite Furs, 1276 Bloor W.

Emile Furs, 75 Bloor W.

Empire Seal (West Canadian Fur Co. Ltd.), 317 Adelaide W.

Englander Furs Ltd., 205 Richmond W.

Englander, Harry, Fur Co., 116 Spadina Ave.

Epston & Robins, 443 King W.

Excelsior Furs, 858 Bloor W.

Exclusive Fashion Fur Co., 1974a Queen E.

F & S Fur Co., 204 Bathurst St.

Faber, George, Fur Importers Ltd., 161 Spadina Ave.

Fairbank Furriers, 1906 Eglinton W.

Fairweather Furs Ltd., 32 Bloor W.

Famous Shop, 2874 Dundas W.

Famous Fur Co., 508 Bathurst St.

Farber Furs, 50 Vaughan Rd.

Fashion Guild Fur Co., 318 Adelaide W.

Fayle & Wolfram, 36 Avenue Rd.

Feder, J., 324 College St.

Federal Fur Co., 525 King W.

Feldman Furs, 380 Bloor W.

Field Furriers, 701 Lake Shore Rd.

Fit - Well Furriers, 346 Adelaide W.

Fox, I. H., 223 Spadina Ave.

Freedberg Furs, 979 College St.

Freeman & Weinberg, Ltd., 317 Adelaide W.

Friedman, Al., 87 King W.

Fur Fashion Manufacturers Ltd.. 487 Adelaide W.

Fur Services Ltd., 350 Adelaide W.

Furbank Furs, 269 College St.

Furriers Clearance Co., 363 Spadina Ave.

Gang, Abe, 3006 Dundas W.

Gary Fur Co., 116 Spadina Ave.

Giddings (Toronto) Ltd. 294 Yonge St.

Gilbert Furs, 129 Adelaide W.

Gillespie Fur Co. Ltd., 70 Wellington W

Gillespie-Stock Fur Corp., 439 King W.

Ginsberg Bros., 236 Adelaide W.

Glass, M., & Co., 1376 Queen W.

Glo-Crest Furs, 271 College St.

Gold Standard Furs, 33 Melinda.

Goldberg, L., 130 Spadina Ave.

Goldenson Furs, 784 Yonge St.

Goldsteins, M., 273 Spadina Ave.

Goldstein, A. & S., Ltd., 30 Avenue Rd.

Goodless Fur Co., 2086 Eglinton W.

Goodman, Victor, 458 Spadina Ave.

Gordon Furs, 2978 Bloor W.

Gould, Thos. G., 33 Melinda.

Grafstein Bros., 328 Spadina Ave.

Green, J. & L., Fur Co., 475 Queen W.

Green & Klein Fur Co., 439 King W.

Greene, Joseph, 100 Avenue Rd.

Greenglass Fashion Furs, 506 Queen W.

Greenglass, H., 722 Queen E.

Greenspoon Bros., 264 Spadina Ave.

Greenstien Furs, 218 John St.

Gutman, Jos., 223 Spadina Ave.

Hagen's Furs, 960 Danforth.

Harany, Steven, 1984 Dufferin.

Heilpern, Geo.' 410 Spadina Ave.

Herman, E., & Co. Ltd., 700 Bay St.

Herman, I., 826 College St.

Hollander, A., & Son Ltd., 680 King W.

Hollender, A., 535 Eglinton W.

Holt, Renfrew & Co. Ltd., 118 Yonge St.

Hope Furs, 565 Eglinton W.

Howard Mfg. Co., 104 Adelaide W.

Hudson Fur Mfg. Co., 99334 Bloor W.

Ideal Fur Co., 317 Adelaide W.

Imperial Fur Co., 392 Queen W.

J & M Fur Co., 218 John St.

Jagros Furs, 921 Lake Shore Rd.

Jennings, M. D., 2498 Yonge St.

Joseph, H., 41 Viewmount Ave.

Joseph & Milton Ltd., 95a Bloor W.

Jubilee Fur Co., 571 King W.

K & K Fur Co., 444 Queen W.

Kahnert Furs, 35 Hillsdale W.

Kalifer Furs, 386 Eglinton W.

Kaman Fur Co., 129 Spadina Ave.

Kasdan Furs, 850 Yonge St.

Kelman, S., Fur Co., 445 Richmond W.

Kings Plate Fur, 158 Portland St.

Kingsley Furs, 2996 Dundas W.

Konkus, M., Fur Co., 565 King W.

Kopstick Fur Co., 318 Adelaide W.

Koretsky, M., Fur Co., 614 College St.

Kotyk Furs & Ladies' Wear, 718 Queen W.

Kravitz, B., & Sons, Fur Co., 218 John St.

Krehm, Harry, & Co. Ltd., 487 Adelaide W.

Krehm, J., 49 Ossington Ave.

Kuretzky Fur Co., 685 Bloor W.

Lake Fur Co. Ltd., 438 Spadina Ave.

Lake, Harry, Furs, 274 College St.

Lakeview Furriers, 1616 Queen W.

Lambis Company, 700 Bay St.

Leader Fur Co., 330 Yonge St.

Leonard Furs, 1460 Yonge St.

Levin Fur Co., 163 Spadina Ave.

Levine, J., Fur Co., 139a Spadina Ave.

Lewis, Furs, 219 Church St.

Levitt Fur Co., 317 Adelaide W.

Levitt, I. J., Furs Ltd., 333 Adelaide W.

Liberty Fur Co., 130 Spadina Ave.

Lichtenstein & Goldberg Fur Co., 130 Spadina Ave.

Linda Furs, 298 Queen E.

Lion Fur Co., 318 Adelaide W.

London Fur Co., 39 Wellington E.

London, H., Furs, 871 Dovercourt Rd.

Lubek Bros. Fur Co. Ltd., 1048 Queen W.

MacBen Fur Co., 323 Danforth Ave.

MacPherson Bros., 627 Bay St.

McKendrick Fur Mfg. Co., 347 Queen W.

Madison Bros., 416 Bloor W.

Magder Fur Co. Ltd., 204 Spadina Ave.

Magder Wolfe Furs, 87 King W.

Main Fur Co., 599 King W.

Majestic Fur Co., 119 Spadina Ave.

Malton Furs, 80 Nelson Ave.

Manufacturers Fur Sales Reg., 161 Spadina Ave.

Marcoff, D., 51 Richmond E.

Marcus, Norman, 754 Avenue Rd.

Marlene Fur Co., 2996 Dundas W.

Marten's Furs, 787 Lake Shore Rd.

Maurice Furs Ltd.,1203 St. Clair W.

Maxwell Furs, 31 Adelaide W.

Melzer, A., 163 Spadina Ave.

Menkes Fur Co. Ltd., 110 Spadina Ave.

Midtown Fur Co., 960 Eglinton W.

Middlewest Fur Co., 119 Spadina Ave.

Miller Fur Co. Ltd., 318 Adelaide W.

Mills, W. T., 9 Wellington E.

Milrose Furs Sales Ltd., 116 Spadina Ave.

Mirsky, L., Fur Co., 96 Spadina Ave.

Model Fur Co., 317 Adelaide W.

Modern Fur Co., 42 Widmer St.

Modern Fur Underliners, 841 Bloor W.

Morgan, Henry, Co. Ltd., 56 Bloor W.

Morrison Fine Furs, 647 St. Clair W.

Morrison, Morris, 366 Adelaide W.

Motton Furs, 349 Roncesvalles.

National Fur Mfg. Co., 431 King W.

Nauffts, A. M., 430 Roncesvalles.

Nelson Furs, 96 Spadina Ave.

Nelson & Tanz Fur Co. LTD., 600 Bay St.

New Art Fashions, 1530 Queen W.

New Style Fur Co., 549 Bloor W.

New York Fur Co. Ltd., 60 Spadina Ave

Newfoundland Fur. Co., 119 Spadina Ave.

North Alaska Fur Co., 129 Spadina Ave.

North American Fur Co., 317 Adelaide W.

North End Furriers, 353b Eglinton E.

Northway, John, & Son Ltd., 240 Yonge St.

North West Fur Co., 96 Spadina Ave.

Northern Fur Co., 139 Spadina Ave.

Northland Fur Co., 2978 Bloor W.

Norvic Furs, 700 Bay St.

Novelty Fur Co., 119 Spadina Ave.

O'Brien Furs Ltd., 165 Roncesvalles.

Oberman & Nathan Fur Co., 458 Spadina Ave.

Offman & Green Furs, 1489 Gerrard E.

Orene Furs, 409 Parliament St.

Palace Fur Co., 731 Danforth Ave.

Paris Fur Co., 518 Palmerston Blvd.

Parkdale Fur Shop, 1386 Queen W.

Perfect Fur Co., 263 Spadina Ave.

Phillips & Son Fur Co., 657 Yonge St.

Plaza Fur Co., 615 Bay St.

Floss Ltd., 1202 Bay St.

Politsky, A., Fur Co., 418 Queen W.

Polliek Tailoring & Fur Co., 271 Spadina Ave.

Popular Fur Co., 153 Spadina Ave.

Premier Fur Co., 116 Spadina Ave.

Primrose Furriers, 2539 Yonge St.

Princess Fashion Furs, 750 Yonge St.

Pulver, M., 343 Brunswick St.

Quality Fur Co., 317 Adelaide W.

Reading Fur Co., 129 Spadina Ave.

Rebick, Norman, 493 Queen W.

Regal Furs, 526 Danforth Ave.

Regent Fur Co., 493 Queen W.

Reliable Fur Co., 568 Queen W.

Rice Lake Fur Co., 109 King St. W.

Rich, C., & Son, Furriers & Tailors, 3264 Yonge St.

Richardson Furriers, 1460 Yonge St.

Rogow Bros. Manufacturing Furriers, 317 Adelaide W.

Rogul, Norman, Furs, 443 King W.

Rose, Albert, Fur Company, 301 King W.

Rose, H., Fur Co., 3102 Dundas W.

Ross, Dave, 508 Queen W.

Royal Fur Co., 508 Queen W.

Rubinstein Fur Co., 1231 Dundas W.

St. Clair Ladies' Tailors & Furriers, 555 St. Clair W.

Sable Bay Fur Co., 130 Spadina Ave.

Samuel, S., Fur Co. Ltd., 128 Spadina Ave.

Sandham Fur Co., 439 King W.

Sayles, Madam, 86a Gerrard W.

Schatten Furs, 574 Castelfield.

Schioper Bros. Ltd., 1325 Bay St.

Schipper - Freifeld Co., 205 Richmond W.

Schipper Fur Co., 205 Richmond St. W.

Scholes Allan Furs Ltd., 412 Spadina Rd.

Schlussel Fur Co., 274 College St.

Schwartz, J., & Co. 129 Spadina Ave.

Scientific Fur Coat Cleaning Co. 81-Peter St.

Sellers - Gough Fur Co. Ltd., 244 Yonge St.

Service Fur 338 Danforth Ave.

Shapiro, S., & Co.,do., 700 Bay St.

Shelter, S., Furs, 439 Spadina Ave.

Sherwood Furs & Fashion Shop, 2547 Yonge St.

Shill & Rose Fur Co., 119 Spadina Ave.

Shkolnik Fur Co., 400 Spadina Ave.

Silver Furs, 1006 Bathurst St.

Silverberg, A., Fur Co., 577 King W.

Silverberg, J., & Sons, 126 Spadina Ave.

Silverberg, Sam, 574 Dundas W.

Simlevitz, M., Fur Co., 1011 Bloor St. W.

Small, M., 1443 Dundas W.

Smith, Lorne J., 62 Front St. W.

Softens, H. S., 2264 Bloor W.

Solomon Fur Co., 218 John St.

Standard Fur Co., 317 Adelaide W.

Star Fur Mfg. Co., 106 Spadina Ave.

Stark's Furs Ltd., 110 Bloor St. W.

Steinberg, L., 753 Bathurst St.

Stiff, Ken, Furs Ltd., 1760 Avenue Rd.

Stiff, Lloyd M., 1 la Tanager Ave.

Stillman Fur Co., 634 Bayview Ave.

Style - Craft Fur Co. 312 Adelaide W.

Stylish Fur Co. Ltd., 205 Richmond W.

Super Fur Co. Ltd., 110 Spadina Ave.

Superior Fur Co., 285 Rushton Rd.

Sutton, Chas., 351 Adelaide W.

Svend Furs, 97 Bloor St. W.

Swears & Wells Ltd., 267 Yonge St.

Tepperman Fur Co., 1332 Bloor W.

Tobe, Chas., 116 Spadina Ave.

Toronto Fur Co., 99 King W.

Tower Fur Co., 110 Spadina Ave.

Tresko Furs & Tailoring, 1181 Bay St.

Trubkin & Rovet Fur Co., 225 Spadina Ave.

Turner, G., 274 College St.

Universal Fur Co., 1080 Bloor W.

Uptown Furs, 559 Yonge St.

Vandewater, A. R. 590 Lauder Ave.

Victoria Fur Co., 467 Queen W.

Victory Fur Co., 494 Bloor W.

Vogue Fur Company, 269 College St.

Wade's Furs, 570 Yonge St.

Walker, Stan, Ltd., 707 Yonge St.

Wall, H., Fur Co., 274 College St.

Ward, Gordon T., & Co., 1532 Yonge St.

Ward, W. N., Fur Co., 62 Front W.

Wax Fur Co. Ltd., 320 Bathurst St.

Webb, F. & J., 978 Queen E.

Weisblat Fur Co., 342 Adelaide W.

Weisfeld Fur Co., 317 Adelaide W.

Wellts Fine Furs, 213 Avenue Rd.

West Canadian Fur Co. Ltd., 317 Adelaide W.

White's Furs, 283 Vaughan Rd.

Wiggins Furs, 968 St. Clair W.

Wilson, J. H., Yonge Arc.

Wonder Fur Co., 269 College St.

World, Chas., 26 Bloor E.

Yaffe, J., & Sons, 64 Spadina Ave.

York Fur Co., 2277 Bloor W.

Yukon Fur Co., 119 Spadina Ave.

Vurchik, J., Fur Co., 444 Queen W.


Betts Fur Salon - 14 Pearden Bldg.,

Great George, - Charlottetown.

Holman, R. T., Ltd. - Summerside.

Island Furriers - 153 Queen St., Charlottetown.

Moore & McLeod Ltd. - 119 - 121 Queen St., Charlottetown.

Prowse Bros. Ltd. - 98 Queen St., Charlottetown.


A & D Fur Finishing, Co. Regd., 4900 Clark, Montreal.

Abbey Fur Co., 1193 Phillips Sq., Montreal.

Abner. B. Fur Corp., 185 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Abramovitz, M., & Son. 2040 Bleury, Montreal.

Advance Fur Mfg. Co., 4859 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Albert, Ernest, Furs Ltd., 1243 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Alexander Furs (Canada) Ltd., 464 McGill, Montreal.

Alexander, A. J., Furs Ltd., 1316 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Allied Fur Inc., 3609 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Alpine Fur Co., 762 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Anastas Fur Co. Ltd., 1422 McGill College, Montreal.

Anchel, I., 7170 Clark, Montreal.

Anglo - Canadian Fur Co., 164 St. Paul W., Montreal

ArcticFur Co., 690 Notre Dame W., Montreal.

Arden Fur Corp., 828 Notre Dame W., Montreal.

Armand H. - 5112 Papineau, Montreal.

Arnold Fur Co., 4863 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Arpin - Gendron Ltee., 404 St. Pierre, Montreal.

Arthur's Ltd., 1171 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Artistic Fur Manufacturing Co., 1677 Beaubien E., Montreal.

Aso Fur Co. 2103 Bleury, Montreal.

Astop Fur Co., 3615 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Astop, N., Fur Mfg., 254 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

Atlas Fur Co., 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

B & W Fur Company Regd., 393 Mayor, Montreal.

Baer, E., 200 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Baer, Jos., 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Baltic Fur Co., 4362 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal.

Bariak, Joseph, 5003 Queen Mary Rd., Montreal.

Bathurst Fur Ltd., 124 Dorchester E., Montreal.

Baum Bros., 1500 Mountain, Montreal.

Beaudry Raoul, 1324 Beaubien E., Montreal.

Beaulieu, J. 0., 6304 des Ecores, Montreal.

Beaupre Fils Ltee., 7604 St. Hubert, Montreal.

Bedard, Adjutor, 234 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Belanger, E., 1303 Amherst, Montreal.

Belanger, Jean, Fourrures Inc., 6933 St. Hubert, Montreal.

Bel - Fur Co., 3686 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Belgo Fur Co., 1408 Bleury, Montreal.

Belmark Fur Co. Ltd., 3706 St. Lawrence. Montreal.

Bercovitz, M., 393 Mayor, Montreal.

Bercusson, Joseph, 211 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Berger, M., & Sons Ltd., 1231 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Bernard, N., 5313 Blvd. Decarie, Montreal.

Besser Furs, 231 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Binder Fur Co., 117 Laurier W.. Montreal.

Blau & Skarf Fur Co., 366 Mayor, Montreal.

Bleau & Rousseau, 3852 St. Denis, Montreal.

Bleury Fur Co., 1485 Bleury, Montreal.

Boivin-Besner, 5048 Papineau, Montreal.

Bond Fur Co. & Contractors, 13 Demontigny E., Montreal.

Boudreau, A., Enrg., 4910 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Boulet, G., 4168 St. Denis, Montreal.

Bourgeault, Arthur, 6869a St. Hubert, Montreal.

Bourret, J. L., 1294 Beaubien E., Montreal.

Boutet & Galet Ltd., 1212 St. Denis, Montreal.

Bowles, L. R., Furs, 2572 Gouin Blvd. E., Montreal.

Bradner Co., 4160 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Bradner Fur Co., 4945 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Brais, Lucien, 3954 Wellington, Montreal.

Bram Fur Co. Ltd.. 1435 Bleury, Montreal.

Brault, Albert, 8455 St. Denis, Montreal.

Braunstein, A., 4450 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Breton Enrg., 2430 des Carrieres, Montreal.

Briere, L., 270 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Briskin, E. B., 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Broadway Fur Inc., 366 Mayor, Montreal.

Bronstein, A., 3609 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Brown Bros. Fur Co., 90 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

C & R Fur Co., 3575 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Canada Fur Mfg. Co., 174 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Canada Muff Bed Co., 3617 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Canadian Fur Strippings Co., 5061 Chabot, Montreal.

Capitol Fur Co., 1074 Beaver Hall Hill, Montreal.

Carriere, Marc, 7341 St. Hubert, Montreal.

Central Fur Co., 4354 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Century Fur & Footwear Ltd., 434 St. Peter, Montreal.

Charles Fur Co., 372 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Chez Lafrance, 868 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

City House Furniture Inc., 259 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

City Fur Co., 52 Pine Ave. E., Montreal.

Classic Furs, 8254a St. Denis, Montreal.

Clermont, Wilfrid, Ltee., 1604 St. Denis, Montreal.

Cohen & Dunn, 227 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Colas, Armand, 6688 Monk Blvd., Montreal.

Colonial Fur Corp., 409 St. Francois Xavier, Montreal.

Columbia Fur Co., 3551 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Cooney, R. 3414 Park, Montreal.

Consolidated Fur Inc., 4859 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Constant, George, 1499 Bleury, Montreal.

Continental Fur Mfg. Co., 1456 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Courville & Desparois Ltee., 418 St. Sulpice, Montreal.

Crown Fur Co., 130 Mount Royal E., Montreal.

Cummings Furs Ltd., 284 Notre Dame W., Montreal.

D & D Agencies & Traders Co. Ltd., 835a Cherrier, Montreal.

D & M Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 7665 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Dankoff, Danny, 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Daoust. Mme A., 8632 St. Denis, Montreal.

Darling Fur Co., 10 Pine W., Montreal.

Davis Fur Co. Regd., 117 Laurier W., Montreal.

Dennison Furs Ltd., 350 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Descheneaux, Roger, Regd., 3171 Masson. Montreal.

Desjardins, Chas., & Co. Ltd., 1170 St. Denis, Montreal.

Diana Furs Ltd., 409 St. Francis Xavier, Montreal.

Di Mario Bros., 835a Cherrier, Montreal.

Dishell, D., 29 St. James E., Montreal.

Dominion Fur Inc., 1435 Bleury, Montreal.

Dostert, A. P., 372 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Drolet, P. J., Regd., 190 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Dubrow Furs, 4261 St. Denis, Montreal.

Ducas Bros. Furriers Inc., 5526 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Dupuis, Albert, 4432 St. Denis. Montreal.

Dussault, J. P., Enrg., 7278 Henri Julien, Montreal.

Edelstein & Rosenberg Inc., 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Ein, A. L., Co. Inc., 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Elias Furs (Canada) Ltd., 1456 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Emery's Exclusive Furs, 5327 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Empire Fur Co., 1010 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

Entine, M., 2040 Bleury, Montreal.

Eskimo Fur Co., 3439 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Etco Fur Co., 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

European Fur Co., 3686 St. Denis, Montreal.

Eve, Edgar, 158 1st av VI Lsl, Montreal.

Excel Furs Inc., 282 Ontario W., Montreal.

Exclusive Fur Co., 1585 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Exclusive Muff Bed Mfg. Co., 3609 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

F & S Fur Co., 3686 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Famous Fur Products Ltd., 177 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Farrell, J. F., 7167 Delorimier, Montreal.

Fashion Fur Co. 2033 Bleury, Montreal.

Faucher, Alex, Ltee, 1272 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

Faucher, Eugene, 3933a St. Denis, Montreal.

Faucher, Georges, Inc., 4487 Fabre, Montreal.

Faucher, Lucien, 1429 Amherst, Montreal.

Favorite Fur Fashions Ltd., Mt. Royal Hotel, Montreal.

Feldman, Abel F., 205 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Feldman, M., Regd., 1408 Bleury, Montreal.

Fenster Bros., 1435 Bleury, Montreal.

Fifth Ave. Departmental Store Inc., 4932 Wellington,, Montreal.

Fine Fur Mfg. Co., 366 Mayor, Montreal.

Fink Fur Mfg., 387 St. Paul E., Montreal.

Fischer, E., 5747 Jne Mance, Montreal.

Flomen & Lussier Inc., 1178 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Forest Furs, 1193 Phillips pl., Montreal.

Fournier, Emile, 7891 St. Denis, Montreal.

Fournier, Lucien, 3414 Park, Montreal.

Fourrure, Papineau, Enrg., 1474 Ontario E., Montreal.

France Fur Co., 4376 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal.

Fraser The Furrier Inc., 5625 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Freiheiter, M., & Co., 3575 St. Lawrence, Montreal

Frenette, Jacques, 1230 St. Hubert, Montreal.

Friedlander, I., Fur Co., 254 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

Fur Craft Inc., 1030 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Fur Fashions Ltd., 1629 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Fur Industry Parity Committee, 1010 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

Gagnon & Frere, 1914 Delorimier, Montreal.

Galet Furs Inc., 1372 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Garber, Chas., Furs, 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Garber & Novack Fur Co., 1485 Bleury, Montreal.

Gelfine Fur Co. Inc., 407 Ontario W., Montreal.

Geoffrion, Leo, 3171 Ma-,so, . Montreal.

Geringer Bros., 368 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Gertel, I. Fur Co., 207 Notre Dame W., Montreal.

Gertel, Leo, Furs, 2118 Bleury, Montreal.

Giguere, A., Ltee., 787 Mt. Royal E., Montreal.

Giguere, J. H., 4532 Delorimier, Montreal.

Gillick, Marck, & Freres, 389 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Giroux, V. N., 5121 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Gitelman, B., & Son, 1435 Bleury, Montreal.

Glassman Fur Matching Corp. Ltd., 449 St. Peter, Montreal.

Glen Fur Co., 118 Roy E., Montreal.

Glendale Fur Company, 154 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Gold, S., Furs Ltd., 282 Ontario W., Montreal.

Golden Fur Mfg. Co., 900 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Goldenberg, S., Regd., 5178 Hutchison. Montreal.

Goldstein, S., & Sons, 4802 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Goodman, H., 4245 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Gould, H. C., 366 Mayor, Montreal.

Gnaedinger Furs Ltd., 1089 Beaver Hall Hill, Montreal.

Grande & Marchand Ltd., 1450 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Granich, A., 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Gratter, Herman, 134 McGill, Montreal.

Gravel & Frere Fourrures, 587 Jarry E., Montreal.

Great West Fur Co. Ltd., 5186 Park, Montreal.

Green, B., Fur Co. Ltd., 366 Mayor, Montreal.

Greenberg Furs, 20 St. Cuthbert, Montreal.

Grossman, Isaac, 118 Laurier W., Montreal.

Grossman, S., & Son, 151 Bernard E., Montreal.

Grossman, Samuel, Fur Manufacturing Co., 1499 Bleury, Montreal.

Guindon, Dolor, 6748 Delanaudiere, Montreal.

Hammer Fur Co., 8 Rachel W., Montreal.

Hardy, P., & Cie Ltee, 5381 Fabre, Montreal.

Harvard Fur Co., 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal

Hebert Mirel, 1127 Belanger E., Montreal.

Helfield, Max, 1010 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

Helfman, Joseph, 4845 Henri Julien, Montreal.

Hendelman, L., Furs Ltd., 445 St. Helen, Montreal.

Herman, H., & Co., 5387 Park, Montreal.

Hersco Fur Co., 31 Marie Anne W., Montreal.

Herscovici, A. J., Furs Ltd., 445 St. Helen, Montreal.

Herzig Fur Co., 4671 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Hollander, A., & Son Ltd., 995 Smith, Montreal.

Holt Renfrew & Co. Ltd., 1300 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Hollywood Fur Co. Ltd., 3643 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Holzmann, S., 5210 Park, Montreal.

Howard Fur Corp., 58 Mt. Royal, Montreal.

Hyco Fur Co. Inc., 3501 Park, Montreal.

Hymac Fur Co., 3654 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Hyman & Mosse Furs, 200 St. Paul W., Montreal.

I & G Fur Co., I. Guberman, Prop., 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Impex Fur Co., 312 St. Paul, Montreal.

Independent Fur Inc., 366 Mayor, Montreal.

International Fur Co., Max Weissler, 225 St. Paul W., Montreal.

J. B. Fur Co., 4859 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

J. J. Fur Co., 51 Laurier E., Montreal.

Jachar Furs Regd., 894 St.Catherine dT., Montreal.

Johnston, Gordon S., 1271 Mt. Royal E., Montreal.

Johnstone, Mme Yvonne, 6045 St. Urbain, Montreal.

Joncas Ltd.. 1516 Mountain, Montreal.

Kasmo Fur Mfg., 126 Fairmount W., Montreal.

Kassie Furs, 4915 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Katz, J., 2003 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Kaufman, J., Ltd., 355 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Kay Fur Co., 4269 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Kenesa Fur Ltd., 5505 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Kent's Furs & Millinery, 1608 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

King Fur Regd., 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Kirsch, Simon, & Co. Ltd., 282 Ontario W., Montreal.

Kirstein, M., Fur Ltd., 366 Mayor, Montreal.

Koch Fur Co., 1410 Panel, Montreal.

Kogan Fur Co., 387 St. Paul E., Montreal.

Kupitsky, Arthur, 3275 Linton Ave., Montreal.

Kuranoff Furriers, 1324 Sherbrooke W.,

Montreal. Kutzin, A., Furs, 2118 Bleury, Montreal.

Kutzin, I - I., Fur Co., 231 St. Paul W., Montreal.

L. G. Fur, 3 Notre Dame E., Montreal.

Labelle Fourrure Ltee., 6570 St. Hubert, Montreal.

Laberge, Chevalier, & Cie Ltee, 351 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Labrador Fur Co., 1551 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal.

Lacasse Marcel Furs Ltd., 320 Notre Dame E., Montreal.

Lachance, Albini, 4619 Papineau, Montreal.

Laliberte, 3735 Notre Dame W., Montreal.

La Mode Regd., 5558 Monkland, Montreal.

Laniel, Maurice, Regd., 7542 St. Hubert, Montreal.

Lanscot Fur Cuttings & Plates, 83 Villeneuve W., Montreal.

LaRose, Fernand, 7057 St. Denis, Montreal.

Laurentian Fur Co., 1010 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

Lazarus, S., 362 Dorchester W., Montreal.

Lazare, L. P., & Co. Ltd., 1454 Peel, Montreal.

Leblanc, Henri, 6234 Papineau, Montreal.

Leclair Furs Ltd., 3414 Park Ave., Montreal.

Lefebvre, Armand, 1241 Mt. Royal, Montreal.

Lefebvre, G., 8389 Boyer, Montreal.

Lerner, Albert E., 3430 Park Ave., Montreal.

Lerner, I., 3619 Colonial, Montreal.

Letendre Fourrures Enrg., 8426 Henri Julien, Montreal.

Levac, Mme Jeannette, 25i6 St. Charles, Montreal.

Liberman, B., 393 Mayor, Montreal.

Liberty Fur Mfg. Co., 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Lichter, L., Furs, 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Liverpool Furrier Co., 5031 Wellington, Montreal.

London Fur Co., 5222 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal.

Longpre, J. P., 4545 Fabre, Montreal.

Loretta Furs Regd., 4324 Wellington, Montreal.

Louise Furs, 6986 Drolet, Montreal.

Lowe Bros., 3575 St Lawrence, Montreal.

Lowe Fur Company 3575 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Ludo Fur Co., 686 Notre Dame W., Montreal.

M & R Fur Co., F. Mazur, Prop., 1485 Bleury, Montreal.

Macy Fur Co., 3609 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Mailloux, IL, Enrg., 3844 St. Deals, Montreal.

Majestic Fur Mtg., 1087 Bleury, Montreal.

Major Rabbit Skins Ltd., 355 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Malo, G., 3186 Masson, Montreal.

Mandelcorn, Philip, 231 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Manteld Fur Co , 3673 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Margolese, Joseph, 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Marsan, Emile. 4524 Delanaudiere, Montreal.

Marsolais Fur Reinforcers, 6663 de Gaspe, Montreal.

Mathieu, J. B., 1967 Papineau, Montreal.

Mathieu, J. G.,3823 Verdun, Montreal.

Maurice Fur o., 261 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

Maurice & Marks Ltd., 315 St. Paul W., Montreal.

McComber, J. E., 3412 Park, Montreal.

Mercury Fur Co., 5870 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Metropolitan Ladies Wear Ltd., 362 St. Catherine St. Montreal

Miller, Alb., 5278 St. Denis, Montreal.

Mink Craft Co., 1480 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Modern Fur Company, 423 Mayor, Montreal.

Monette Furs Inc., 4123 St. James, Montreal.

Mo - Son Furs Ltd., 9 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

Mont Blanc Fourrures, 445 BE Peter, Montreal.

Montreal Fur Finishers & Basters, 2145 St. Zotique, Montreal.

Morris Furs, 254 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

Mosani Furriers, 1174 De Bullion, Montreal.

Moscovitz, Sam, 4121 Colonial, Montreal.

Moss Fur Co., 177 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Murphy & Gormley Ltd., 1231 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Murray, Wilfrid, 1396 Demontigny E., Montreal.

Myrovitch, J., & Co., 4597 Park, Montreal.

Narvey Fur Manufacturing Co., 5833 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Narvey, S., Furriers, 5473 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Natural Furs Ltd., 389 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Naturman, B., 209 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Neiss, Leon, 1405 Peel, Montreal.

Nicholas, A.. & Co., 3929 Wellington, Montreal.

Normandin & Fils Ltee., 5007 Sherbrooke E., Montreal.

Norjak Fur Co., 362 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Northway Fur Co., 5354 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Orban, G., Regd., 2000 Peel, Montreal.

Oberfield Fur Co., 5143 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Ocean Fur Traders Ltd., 350 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Ornstein, J., Ltd., 358 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Pageau, H., 1631 Church, Montreal.

Papillon, G. J., 257 Laurier W., Montreal.

Paramount Furs Inc. 366 Mayor, Montreal.

Pare, Emile, 4294 Bellechasse E., Montreal.

Paris Fur Co. Inc., 282 Ontario W., Montreal.

Pelletier, Robert, 819 Mont Royal E., Montreal.

Perley Co. Ltd., 1254 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Perlman Furriers, 5250 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Perras, Yvon, 4622 Park Ave., Montreal.

Perron, R., Enrg., 7049 Fabre, Montreal.

Philibotte, Leon, 3915 St. Denis, Montreal.

Pichet & Furs Inc., 2170 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Podhouser & Hollinger (Canada) Ltd., 36 St. Paul E., Montreal.

Pollack & Taub Furs, 4354 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Potash, S., 372 St. Catherine, Montreal.

Pouliot, Georges, Enrg., 1150 Mt. Royal E., Montreal.

Pouliot, Laureat, 1150 Mt. Royal E., Montreal.

Pouliot, Lucien, Enrg., 4616 Papineau, Montreal.

Presner Fur Co., 506 McGill, Montreal.

Princess Furriers Inc., 282 Ontario W., Montreal.

Progress Fur Co., 3770 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Quality Fur Co. Regd., 3609 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Quinn, J. V., Ltd., 1186 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Racicot & Tremblay Ltee., 3654 St. Denis, Montreal.

Rainbow Fur Regd., 2290 Contrecoeur, Montreal.

Rand - Bell Fur Co., 209 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Rashcovsky, J., 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Rashcovsky, Max, 366 Mayor, Montreal.

Regal Fur Co., 4362 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Regent Fur Co., 366 Mayor, Montreal.

Reid Furs Inc., 1473 Amherst, Montreal.

Reid Furs Inc., 1420 McGill College, Montreal.

Reinforcers Co., 963 St. George, Montreal.

Reinhart & Kurtzman, 2118 Bleury, Montreal.

Reinharz & Mosse Ltd., 445 St. Helen, Montreal.

Reliable Fur Co. Ltd., 604 William, Montreal.

Revillon Trading Co. Ltd., 389 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Rialto Fur Co., 134 McGill, Montreal.

Rich Fur Co., 1030 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Ricard, J. 0., 1186 St. Denis, Montreal.

Richard, Emile, 4382 Papineau, Montreal.

Richer, M.. 1411 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal.

Richer, Moss, Inc., 1413 Drummond, Montreal.

Richer Fur Co., 1435 Bleury, Montreal.

Richer, Harry, 326 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Richer, I., Inc., 1470 Peel, Montreal.

Ritter Bros. (Canada) Ltd., 1470 Peel, Montreal.

Rivet, Chas.. Fils, 3753 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

Robillard, Art. 4453 Wellington, Montreal.

Roness & Star Fur Co., 372 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Rowat - Cusson-Ross Ltd., 5868 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Royal Ladies Outfitters, 3178 Masson, Montreal.

Royal Fur Co., 4304 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Rue De La Paix Cie, 1456 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Ru - Tex Fur Co. Inc., 4842 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Rubin, I., 3898 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

St. Amour Rene, 8136 St. Gerard, Montreal.

St. Henry Syndicate, 3619 Notre Dame W., 505 Rachel E., Montreal.

St. Hubert Fur Regd., 1454 Amherst, Montreal.

St. Louis & Charest Enrg., 1107 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

S. & C. Fur Mfg. Co., 479 Champ De Mars, Montreal.

S & 0 Fur Company, 4846 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

S. W. Fur Co., 404 Lemoyne, Montreal.

Sabados-Joseph & Son, 261 Pine E., Montreal.

Salon Juliette, 5141 St. Denis, Montreal.

Samuel, Respitz, Fur Co., 1435 Bleury, Montreal.

Sang, K. S., 2003 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Schwartz, B., & Sons Ltd., 423 Mayor, Montreal.

Schwartz & Schwartz, 408 St. Francois Xavier, Montreal.

Scott, Leslie B., 366 Mayor, Montreal.

Segal Furs, 4543 Park, Montreal.

Select Furs, 6085 Wilderton, Montreal.

Shaffer, Wm., Fur Mfg. Co., 3430 Park, Montreal.

Shaikin Fur Co., 261 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Shapiro Bros., 406 St. Francois Xavier, Montreal.

Share Fur Co., 1617 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Shostak Bros.,372 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Shrybman, harles, Ltd., 1449 St. Alexandre, Montreal.

Shuchat, M., & Co., 1475 Mountain, Montreal.

Shusterman Bros., 134 McGill, Montreal.

Silver, Mme. H., 367 St. Joseph Blvd. W., Montreal.

Silver, M., Registered, 1472 Mackay, Montreal.

Silver, Samuel, & Co. Ltd., 1524 Mountain, Montreal.

Silver, H. J., Fur Mfg. Co. Ltd., 170 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Silverman, Harry, 5658 Park Ave., Montreal.

Simon, Kirsch, & Co. Ltd., 282 Ontario W., Montreal.

Skarf Bros., 3534 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Slavouski, A., 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Small, I., 5872 Park, Montreal.

Smiley, D. M., 2353 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

Smith, Arthur, Furs Inc., 434 St. Peter, Montreal.

Snowdon Fur Co. 5482 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Sokoloff, S., 3680 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Southwestern Furs of Canada Ltd., 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Stein's Wholesale Dresseteria, 1269. Mount Royal E., Montreal.

Steinberg, H., Fur Co., 88 Ontario E., Montreal.

Sterling Fur Co. Ltd., 4260 Wellington, Montreal.

Stern, Eugene, 415 McGill, Montreal.

Stern, Jacob, 3430 Park, Montreal.

Strohmayr - Morrison Ltd., 1516 Mountain, Montreal.

Style Fur Co., 4416 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Success Fur Co. Ltd., 1591 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Sulmark Fur Co. Ltd., 3706 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Super Fur Co. Ltd., 1470 Peel, Montreal.

Supercraft Fur, 5171 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Superior Fur Co., 686 Notre Dame W., Montreal.

Supreme Fur Co. Regd., 389 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Szabo, J., Co. Regd., 1337 Ontario E., Montreal.

Szabados, J. B., 2080 Clark, Montreal.

Taran Furs Inc., 4133 St. Dominique, Montreal.

Temkin, Sol, Fur Co., 172 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Thimineur Fourrures, 1713 Amherst, Montreal.

Tock Furs, 4 Fairmount E., Montreal.

Tomas L. Ltd.,1505 Mountain, Montreal.

Toronto Fur o., 1493 Bleury, Montreal.

Tremblay, 0. A., Enrg., 418 Beaubien E., Montreal.

Trudel & Lambert, 2342 Belanger E., Montreal.

Turcotte, J. A., 1590 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

Turcotte, J. B., 4192 Girouard, Montreal.

Turgel Fur Co. (Canada), 230 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Udashkin, Jack, 205 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Unique Fur Dealers Ltd., 11851 Lagauchetiere E., Montreal.

United Fur Co., 362 Dorchester W., Montreal.

Unity Fur Co., 3861a St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Utility Fur Industries Regd., 312 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Valiquette & Bosse, 1528 Crescent, Montreal.

Vangroff & Ettenberg Fur Co., 407 Ontario W., Montreal.

Verdun's Exclusive Furrier, 5417 Wellington, Montreal.

Victor's Valet Service, 4713 Decarie Blvd., Montreal.

Vinegor, I., Furs Ltd., 3632 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal.

Voldar Fur Co., 900 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

Walkden, J. K., Ltd., 1480 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Walsh Furs, J., 3416 Park, Montreal.

Weininger, S., 1449 St. Alexander, Montreal.

Weininger, I., Furs, Ltd., 423 Mayor, Montreal.

Weiss, M., Fur Co., 445 St. Peter, Montreal.

Weiss Manufacturing Regd., 270 St. Catherine E., Montreal.

Weissler Fur Co., 191 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Westmount Furs Inc., 5131 Sherbrooke W., Montreal.

Wilband Furs Ltd., 615 Notre Dame W., Montreal.

Wilk Bros., 209 St. Paul W., Montreal.

William Fur Co., 5833 Park, Montreal.

Willing & Brunet, 1819 St. Catherine W., Montreal.

Willmar Fur Co., 4306 St. Denis, Montreal.

Windsor Fur Salon, Windsor Hotel, Montreal.

Winters, J. M., Furs Inc., 631 Burnside, Montreal.

Wiseman, Samuel, Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 190 St. Paul W., Montreal.

Wolfe Jay Inc., 1193 Phillips Sq., Montreal.

Yasin, I., 286 St. Joseph Blvd. W., Montreal.

Young, S., 130 Fairmount W.. Montreal.

Fourrures Magazine Advertisment.

Brigg's Furriers Advertisment.

Bowering Brothers Advertisment.

Nelson and Tanz Advertisment.

Cohn and Sons Ltd. Advertisment.

Pearlman and Goldberg Advertisment.

Fur Trade Journal of Canada Advertisment.

Kawartha Chinchilla Advertisment.

Platinum Pearl Fox Stole Advertisment.

Pearl Platinum Fox wrap.
The above colour plate and those following were prepared by the Department of Trade and Commerce in conjunction with Canadian Farm Fur Advertising Committee.

Concord Chinchilla Advertisment.

Fur Trade Journal of Canada Advertisment.

Canadian Trading Post Advertisment.

Maple Ridge Mink Advertisment.

Edmonton Fur Auctions Sales Advertisment.

Fenrick Fur Farm Advertisment.

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