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Source Notes

Aircraft Line.

The Prince Albert Daily Herald was used extensively as a source for all chapters.
The Saskatchewan Archives Board in Saskatoon provided photographs and a great deal of material for chapters one to seven from their Collections S-Ai and S-Nr,.
Saskatchewan Government Airways and Saskatchewan Department of Natural Resources.
Ray Crone, an aviation historian, provided photographs, photocopies, and other information for many of the stories throughout the book.
Other sources are noted below. The interviewer, except as noted, was Phil Dufrene.


On the history of Saskatchewan and Manitoba see Brock V Silverside, Gateway to the North, A Pictorial History of Prince Albert (Saskatoon: Western Producer Prairie Books, 1989);
John A. Archer, for the Saskatchewan Archives Board, Saskatchewan, A History (Saskatoon: Western Producer Prairie Books, 1980);
W .L. Morton, Manitoba, A History (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2nd ed., 1979 rpt.).

Chapter 1.

Information about Hobbs' flight came from Sydney Augustus Keighley, Trader, Tripper, Trapper: The Life of a Bay Man (Winnipeg: Watson & Dwyer Publishing Ltd., 1989).
Information about treaty parties came from an interview with John McKay at La Ronge, June 6, 1989, and talks with Joe Mirasty at Brochet, Manitoba, 1980.
On aerial photography see Herbert E. Ives, Airplane Photography, (Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company, 1920).
Information from Norman MacAuley was obtained from an interview at La Ronge, June 6, 1989.
On the technical information about various aircraft see Kenneth M. Molson and H.A. Taylor, Canadian Aircraft since 1909 (Stittsville, Ontario: Canada's Wings, Inc., 1982).

Chapter 2.

On Canadian International Airlines and its predecessors, see K.M. Molson, Pioneering in Canadian Air Transport (Canadian Aviation Historical Society, 1974).

On Brooks' horse freighting, see Trader, Tripper, Trapper: The Life of a Bay Man (see above).

On the exploration activities of Dominion Explorers and others, see J.R.K. Main, Voyageurs of the Air (Ottawa: Department of Transport, 1967), K.M. Molson, Pioneering in Canadian Air Transport (1974) and Gold and Other Stories as Told to Berry Richards: Prospecting and Mining in Northern Saskatchewan, edited by W.O. Kupsch and S.D. Hanson (Regina: Saskatchewan Mining Association, 1986).

Information on Cherry Red Airlines came from an undated personal history by Norman Cherry, probably written in 1961 or 1962; and The Saskatoon Daily Phoenix article reprinted by The Star-Phoenix of Saskatoon in a special historical edition in the early 1970s.

John Pool's story about fish used to aid take-off is from his personal memoirs, which are undated. On the negotiations between Brooks and the government, "Suggested Contents of Order-In-Council," an undated document from late 1932 or early 1933.

For details about the shutting down of provincial air operations, see the letter by an unknown author (possibly the Minister or Deputy Minister of Natural Resources) to Ian A. Mackenzie, Minister of National Defence, Ottawa, dated December 21, 1936; a departmental letter from E.C. Coursier, Prince Albert District Superintendent, to J.B. Greig, Chief Clerk of the Department of Natural Resources in Regina, dated September 24, 1936; an undated inventory of the Ladder Lake base from early August 1936; and a letter from L.C. Paterson to E.C. Coursier dated August 3, 1936.

Chapter 3.

On Walter Gilbert, see Alice Gibson-Sutherland, Canada's Aviation Pioneers (Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited, 1978).

Quotes from Sydney Keighley on fur buying were used with permission from Trader, Tripper, Trapper: The Life of a Bay Man (see above).

John Pool's description of the ski invention came from his personal memoirs which are undated.

On the technical information about various aircraft and statistics about freight carried and prices, see Kenneth M. Molson, Pioneering In Canadian Air Transport; and Kenneth M. Molson and H.A. Taylor, Canadian Aircraft since 1909 (see above).

On C.D. Howe and the beginnings of Trans-Canada Air Lines, see Robert Bothwell, C.D. Howe, A Biography (Toronto: Canadian Publishers, 1979).

On exploration activities, see Gold and Other Stories (see above). The statistic about Edmonton-Yellowknife air freight was cited in The Discoverers: A 50-Year History of the Prospectors and Developers Association, Some Famous Prospectors and Their Discoveries, chief editor Monica R. Hanula (Toronto: Pitt Publishing Company Limited, 1982), pp. 136-137.

Chapter 4.

Sources include an interview with Dr. Robert N. Thompson of Langley, British Columbia, 1989; an interview with Lefty McLeod at Waskesiu, June 1, 1989; an interview with Earl Dodds at Prince Albert, March 7, 1989; John Pool's memoirs (see above); Gold and Other Stories (see above); Kenneth Molson, Pioneering in Canadian Air Transport (see above); Tom Coughlin, The Dangerous Sky (Toronto: The Ryerson Press, 1968); and The Canadian World Almanac & Book of Facts, 1990 (Toronto: Global Press, 1989).

Information on George Greening came from articles from the Prince Albert Daily Herald and from the August 10, 1978, edition of Saskatoon's The Star-Phoenix.

Information on M&C came from an undated (late 1944 or early 1945) summary of assets and operations.

Chapter 5.

Sources include a telephone interview with Floyd Glass, Prince Albert, June 6, 1989; the above-mentioned interview with Lefty McLeod; and a report on M&C flying, March 1 to July 21, 1947, Saskatchewan Archives, Saskatoon.
The correspondence surrounding the SGA buy-out of M&C includes company letters from W .J. Perry to J.L. Phelps, July 7, 1947, and to R. Mayson, Keswick, England, August 9, 1947.
Information for the SGA hangar fire came from statements by A. Kilday and S.H. Millar.
The date and radio station for the interview with Floyd Glass and J.L. Phelps are not recorded, but would be soon after August 15, 1947.
Information about Grey Owl came from Lovat Dickson, Wilderness Man, The Strange Story of Grey Owl (Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, 1973).

Chapter 6.

Sources for commercial fishing stories include a letter from Floyd Glass to Len Waite, April 27, 1951; an interview with Leo Belanger at Ile a la Crosse, January 13, 1989; and an interview by Graham Guest with John and Lenora (Waite) Midgett at Big River, December 4, 1991.
Information on Northern Airlines and SGA's buy-out of it were contained in a Saskatchewan government press release dated May 1951. Information about fly-in fishing lodges came from an interview by Graham Guest with Bill Chanin at La Ronge, July 23, 1991.
Stories about missionary workers were from an article by Stan Collie in an undated issue of the Northern Canada Evangelical Mission's Aerogram; a telephone interview with Ed Hickey at The Pas, Manitoba, February 28, 1989; and personal interview at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, April 23, 1989.
The story of Josephine Walz, which appeared in the March 17, 1988 issue of Western People in an article titled "Nursing in Northern Outposts", was written by Jean Larmour and appears here with her permission.
Information about Canico exploration was written by John Mullock, May 1991.
Information about Jim Barber came from John Mullock, Lloyd Reid, G.T. Rowan, and John Finch.
Sources for the story of the Saskatchewan smoke jumpers include an address by F. Warburton to the Forest Fire Research Conference, Waskesiu, Saskatchewan, September 9-11, 1959; Fred Warburton, "Fighting Forest Fire in Saskatchewan," Forestry Chronicle, June 1956, p. 229; Graham Guest, "Smoke Jumpers Part of La Ronge's Heritage," The Northerner, July 31, 1985, pp. 22-23; an article on smoke jumping in The Star-Phoenix of Saskatoon, August 13, 1947; and an interview with Bob Milne at La Ronge, January 5, 1990. Mel Hegland's stories were obtained in an interview on June 6, 1989, at La Ronge.

Chapter 7.

The history and statistics on McMurray Air Service came from a letter from Bert Burry to John Finch, August 8, 1988.
The story of Jim Price was written by Bert Burry in August 1988.
The history of the Balych brothers, Balych Brothers Flying Service, and Meadow Lake Air Services are from a letter and story by Alex Balych to John Finch, September 24, 1988, and from a telephone interview with Alex Balych, November 16, 1988.
The history of Carrot River Airways came from an interview with Walter Johnston at Carrot River by John Finch, May 30, 1988, and telephone interviews in November 1988 and January 15, 1990.
On SGA, see Saskatchewan Government Airways, Annual Report for various years. J.A. Austin was quoted from a speech at the Air Transport Association Annual Meeting, October 1962, as quoted in the Saskatchewan Government Airways Annual Report, 1961-62.
The quotation from John Finch about utility bases was in a May 1988 interview.
With permission, the story of Norseman CF-SAM came from an article by Verda Hoppe entitled "Stamp honours bush plane" which appeared in the March 2, 1983 issue of The Nipawin Journal.

Chapter 8.

The history of Athabaska Airways came from an interview with Floyd Glass at Prince Albert, March 5, 1990.
The story of the Cessna 310 was written by Doug Neilson in November 1991, with additional information from an interview with Mel Regland at La Ronge, June 6, 1989.
The history of La Ronge Aviation came from an interview with Pat Campling at La Ronge, March 15, 1990.
Information about Norcanair came from Jack Lloyd and included the summer 1974 issue of SAE Aero News, the August 1972 issue of Trade and Commerce, and Volume 2 #10 1981 issue of Wings.
Terri Franks, in spring and summer of 1991, interviewed by telephone: Albert Ethier about Norcanair since 1982; Ed LaClaire about Nipawin Air Services; Garry Thompson about Nipawin Air Services and Osprey Wings; and Jim Olson about Eagle Air Services.
Information for the history of Beaver, serial number one, came from a telephone interview with Ray Cameron of La Ronge by Terri Franks, January 1992; Kenneth M. Molson and H. A. Taylor, Canadian Aircraft Since 1909 (see above); and the August 11, 1980 issue of McLean's, "Requiem for a Tough Old Bird" by Winfred Gies.

Chapter 9.

Leonard Johnson's story is based on a telephone interview, Westport, Ontario, October, 1989.
Gerry Loughlean was interviewed by telephone, Fort Langley, British Columbia, November 15, 1988. Graham Guest interviewed Ray Cameron and G.T. Rowan in La Ronge, October, 1991; and Lloyd Reid by telephone January 20, 1992.
The story of Joan Studer was written by Berna Studer in October 1991.
Additional information for the story of Joan and Berna Studer came from an interview by John Finch with Lorne Andrews in May 1988, and information and quotations with permission from Gold and Other Stories (see above).
John Pool's stories about Wathaman Lake and PLAT-CAT heaters are from a set of undated, handwritten stories, at Prince Albert.
The two Cessna 180 stories were related by John Finch, Nipawin, May 1988.

Chapter 10.

Sources include interviews by Graham Guest of James Irvine, February 15, 1991; Claude Fafard, February 18, 1991; Bill Richards, February 19, 1991; and Rod Spooner, October 23, 1991.
Additional information for airborne prospecting came from an article by David Scott, "Air prospecting less in demand", The Northern Miner, December 2, 1991.
On the fly-in, fly-out program, see Mary Louise McAllister, "Long-Distance Commuting in the Mining Industry", CRS Perspectives, no. 35, February 1991; Dennis DePape, "Alternatives to Single Project Mining Communities: A Critical Assessment," Mining Communities: Hard Lessons for the Future, CRS Proceedings no. 14 (Centre for Resource Studies, Queen's University: Kingston Ontario, June 1984), pp. 83-95. Clarence Fairbairn interviewed Gerry Pollock, Vice President of Exploration, Cameco, by telephone, Saskatoon, February 1991. Stephen Tomney interviewed George Fleming at Hatchet Lake, August 1991.
On aerial fire fighting see Graham Guest, "Bird Dogs vs. the Scorcher," Department of Northern Saskatchewan Denosa, October 1981, pp. 14-15.


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